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The happy season – what I liked at Paris Fashion Week SS18

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(partnership with Mercedes-Benz #shesmercedes) “Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth / Because I’m happy”… I could have been singing this all the way to Paris shows this season. Because these days, I saw a lot of colours, happy moods and bold clothes. Paris Fashion Week SS18 was, after all, a season full of optimism.

I mean, it is kind of obvious that summer is going to be about colours and sun. But really, almost every collection I saw, almost every young designer I’ve visited, all presented colourful clothes, full of prints, fluids, easy to wear and fun to accessorise. Even the Romanian brand Mumur had some surprises: colours on their sexy pants and denim on their signature corsets ( Wait and see! What else did I love?

pfw ss18 murmur

First, the Rainbow collection from Swarovski – you could have all the shades in one spectacular ring or you could wear them one by one, in lines that follow only one colour (and the choices are quite plenty – from emerald green to pink and electric blue or even translucent – no colour). (

pfw ss18 swarovski dresses

Then, the funniest presentation, by far, was Mira Mikati. A pretty dark room in Hotel d’Evreux was transformed in a coloured skater playground. Logos everywhere, blue candy floss, music, sequins and fun. (

pfw ss18 mira mikati

Another day, another colours. Marimekko, the Finnish brand, had a super cool presentation. And it showed not only the clothes for Spirng/Summer 2018, but also the fabrics of the deco items that made the brand famous. I was just in love with floral printed dress. (

pfw ss18 marimekko

pfw ss18 marimekko

Colours and a beach vibe I saw also at Leonard Paris. The colour palette was equally escapist, ranging from sunny yellow to cheeky orange, vibrant pink, ocean blue, frothy white, emerald green, and mother-of-pearl metallic tints. Polynesia’s lush flora contrasted with mathematical rigor : harmonious oppositions lead the way in Leonard’s Spring-Summer 2018 collection, which explores the tension between nature and nurture, instinct and education, control and pleasure. (

pfw ss18 leonard paris

Following the trend, the 38th Parisian collection of ready to wear created by Fatima Lopes get its inspiration by the amazing and magical aestethic of Birds. The colours embrace each other in an explosion of bright and fruity colours such as raspberry, grapefruit, emerald green or red. Among Beach and Cocktails, the superposition of silk’s chiffon layers plays with the transparencies and engage the clothing into a game a see through which show only lightly the body shapes. (

pfw ss18 fatima lopes

“Create love, not war. Stay strong. Be cool. And if it’s too loud, turn it up”: that was the manifesto of Johnny Talbot and Adrian Runhof for their “Flowers never fail you” collection presented at Paris Fashion Week SS18. Beautiful colours, a cool 70’s influenced silhouette and lots of flowers I saw on the amazing clothes presented by the creative duo. Completed with a beautiful array of fabrics as cotton, popeline, silk jacquard and shantung. (

pfw ss18 talbot runhof

Another type of fun was at Anne Sofie Madsen. Big goggles, utilitarian clothes, hand crafted flowers on the dresses – the Danish designer mixed the SF inspiration with some sporty vibes. (

pfw ss18 Anne-Sofie-Madsen

Japanese rigour. This season, I saw not one, but two beautiful Japanese collections in Paris. Cyclas (presented at Automobile Cub de France) had a catwalk full of pastels (yep, you heard it right) – light blue, soft pink and nude beige and the entire collection embodies timeless luxury interwoven with a refined femininity that express today’s values and simple elegance ( On the other hand, beautiful people (, the brand that debuted last season at Paris Fashion Week, demonstrated us that a clothes could have two faces: wanna be funny or serious? Your choice.

pfw ss18 cyclas

pfw ss18 beautiful people

The leather. At Jitrois. And that’s all. Beautiful. (

pfw ss18 jitrois

The embroidered colourful fishes. “She’s curious and she likes dressing, and has had enough of fashion — that’s what I’m hearing”, the designer of Maison Rabih Kayrouz ( said. And for spring, the house put rhinestones on a white silk jacket,in varying sizes and colours, including blue, green, pink and yellow.

maison rabih kayrouz pfw ss18

pfw ss18 maison rabih kayrouz

GAUCHÈRE brought laces in various forms on shirts, dresses, tops and skirts. And pleated skirts with prints. And a silver coated jacket, black , white and creme, shades of blue, strong red and green. A collection like a midsummer dream. (

pfw ss18 gaucherre

The beautiful shoes of the cool designer Walter de Silva. The blue line. The light shoes (every one of them has beloe 160 grams), sleek, sensual. The harmoniously sculpted stiletto heel, exclusively 10.5 cm high. To dream of.  (

pfw ss18 walter de silva

Unusual locations – Dumitrascu & Ottolinger. Last, but not the least, I should mention two unusual shows (both of them prepared by the same agency). While Dumitrascu ( was presented in the Rambuteau metro station (yes, in front of every passenger and between some trains coming and going), Ottolinger ( took part on a bateau on the Seine. Cool.

pfw ss18 dumitrascu

pfw ss18 ottolinger

ottolinger pfw ss18

And… not to forget the wonderful surprises that Paris offers us every day. Cool cars and new fashion stores.

pfw ss18

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