Summer dream: the words, the clothes, the interview with designer of ATU Body Couture

Warning! Images may contain: one or more people, ocean, outdoor and water. This is how ”The Sea and Her Lover”  ATU Body Couture Spring Summer 2017 was presented. And it is no better way to catch my attention.

I love sun, sea and summer, therefore the new collection ATU Body Couture (, with its love story inspired by mermaids, mythology and maritime history it was just perfect to catch me in its spell. I talked to Cătălin Vălean, the designer, about the inspiration and the rules for this summer.

ATU Body Couture Spring Summer 2017 – on and showroom ATU Body Couture, 39 Aviatorilor Boulevard, Bucharest.

ATU Body Couture spring summer 2017

The Sea and Her Lover because… romance is a dying art that needs to be resurrected.

This summer, we will give up on… body shaming.

The signature piece for ATU Body Couture will be… the “Admiral Pearl” pleated trench coat.

If the ATU Body Couture Spring Summer 2017 would be a song, it would be… “Babadag” by Steaua de Mare.

The favourite season / city / music for inspiration… a summer spent in Berlin while listening to a mix of post-punk, trip-hop and techno.

We need fashion in our lives because… having a voice is most often not enough to express ourselves.

The biggest challenge for a designer nowadays is… to dodge the pressures of a mainstream system and remain faithful to his creative beliefs .

If you would have infinite powers, what period would you erase from the fashion history… I wouldn’t erase a single thing as I personally think humour is a crucial tool for this industry. The worst decades for fashion as seen by popular culture are usually the most inspiring.

ATU Body Couture collection

ATU Body Couture spring summer 2017 collection

ATU Body Couture SS2017 collection

Cătălin Vălean & Alina Aliman

Cătălin Vălean & Alina Aliman



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