The girls in the city: interview with Inga Bragaru

I am pretty sure that even the mother nature understands when it should be nice on me. As it was in a rainy afternoon in Cluj, when the sun was up just enough for my photo shooting with Inga Bragaru designs. Or maybe it was about the colours of the designs that brought the sun? Or our big smiles? Inga loves the touch of a masculine suit in a feminine outfit. And a good smile, which we did. A lot. And, for at least few moments, the pedestrian in the vibrant city of Cluj smiled at us, too.

The designs signed by Inga Bragaru could be found on and in Molecule-F store (Promenada Mall, Bucharest –

Inga and Alina by Andreea Bogdan_-10

My journey in fashion world started with…

… some clothes for my dolls, as I think everybody does. I remember I used to swap doll’s clothes with other girls. Then, I took some painting lessons. And from the childhood I keep the same desire to make detailed sketches, architectural constructions on clothes. And I really like to find a way of putting all the crazy combo of colours and shapes together.

My latest collection is about…

… the modern woman and her role in the modern society. It is about the women qualities and her status: nowadays, the woman is no longer fragile, but she’s not very masculine. It’s an art that she could wear both feminine and masculine pieces, with the same elegance.

Inga and Alina by Andreea Bogdan_-28

Inga and Alina by Andreea Bogdan_-29

Old school item that will always inspire me is…

… the masculine blazer. I am fascinated by its architecture, especially the inside work (the linen, the stitches) that must be done to a blazer to make it perfect. I will do some models for my next collection, as well – the ideal one will have the basic masculine lines (the length, the shoulders), but also some ultra-feminine details on it.

If my fashion mood board would be a city, it would be…

… a combination between Rome and Bangkock. I love Rome’s elegance, the people always nice dressed. But I like, as well, the fever, the colours, the craziness and the dynamic of Bangkock.

Inga and Alina by Andreea Bogdan_-18

The best pieces to follow this season will be… 

… the blazer, the oversized shirts and the combination of sport shoes and elegant outfits.

The designer I would like to ask for a coffee and advice would be…

Miuccia Prada. I admire her and I believe that she is the designer that has continuity; in every season she managed to find out the perfect context to put the retro outfits into. And her character is as powerful as the contemporary women is. I would like to find out how does she manage to keep up with all the collections and all her huge amount of work.

Inga and Alina by Andreea Bogdan_-7

Inga and Alina by Andreea Bogdan_-2

The most extravagant thing I wish to design is…  

… shoes. Or hats.

We need fashion in our life because…

… is the way to reinvent ourselves.

The next project will include…

Tweeds in silk. And some masculine textures in feminine shapes.

Inga and Alina by Andreea Bogdan_-20

Inga and Alina by Andreea Bogdan_-17

Photography: Andreea Bogdan (@andreea_bogdan)


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