Look at me! The art of make-up comes from Lucia Pica

For me, the eye make-up palettes are like the candies boxes. They are full of colours I love, but coming with a good rule to follow: not to eat (or to use) all of them at once. Hmmm… I wonder what creative director of Chanel Lucia Pica, would say about that.

Do not smile! I saw and I heard incredible ugly stories about bad make-up, especially about the smokey eyes transformed into racoon eyes at the first drop of rain. Therefore, a system should be invented. And it was. The creative director of Chanel, Lucia Pica created Ombre Première, which has two textures: cream and powder. Inspired by all everything from nature to metals, this collection invites you to layer cream eyeshadows over sumptuous matte, satiny or metallic powders for an effect that is at once nuanced and noticeable. Also included are accompanying tools and products like eyeshadow brushes. (www.chanel.com)

The OMBRE PREMIÈRE collection is available in Chanel Fragrance & Beauty Concept Store, in Baneasa Shopping City, Marionnaud, Douglas, B&B and Sephora stores. (www.chanel.comwww.baneasashoppingcity.ro)

First argument to feel free to test the make-up? The tutorial by Lucia Pica @ Chanel, here.

The OMBRE PREMIÈRE collection from Chanel encourages freedom, strength and intuition in the customer — an ability to live her life in this make-up while also inspiring a mood of experimentation. Rich cream eyeshadows can be layered under sumptuous powders or glittering metallics for an emboldened effect.

The second argument? Today, it’s all about freedom, no matter if is the freedom of speech or clothes taste or make-up colors. And add to that the image of the Chanel Eyes Collection, Kristen Stewart.

Kristen Stewart is the face for OMBRE PREMIÈRE collection from Chanel

The final argument? Just look at all this colours. Aren’t they just waiting to be tested? Ombre Première : N°18 Verde, N°38 Titane, N°30 Vibrant Violet, N°16 Blue Jean, N°36 Désert Rouge, N°34 Poudre d’Or, N°808 Lilas d’Or, N°804 Scintillance, N°812 Noir Pétrole, N°810 Pourpre Profond.

OMBRE PREMIÈRE collection from Chanel

Photography: CHANEL / www.chanel.com


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