The things I love at Romanian Design Week 2017

I was pretty sure that the Creative District of Romanian Design Week 2017 will be… as creative as possible. But I have to admit that the reality was even better. The RDW 2017 exhibition is incredible (yep, and there is still time to visit it, until 28th of May). The venue, reminding me of some underground fashion shows held in the abandoned warehouses in New York is unbelievable. The works… worth paying a second visit.

The RDW 2017 exhibition – the main exhibition
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What I loved most in the whole Main Exhibition Venue?

The special projects from the ground floor. Meşteshukar ButiQ with their special beautiful objects that preserve the traditions in wood and copper crafting. But, as well, the whole project, ReDesign Crafts, which reunites 6 creative supercool initiatives: Mesteshukar ButiQ, Deltacraft, Patzaikin, KrafMade, Honest Goods, Batem fierul la conac!

Do not forget the Standpoint corner – that project putting together the designers / the designs / fashion works presented recently in an installation at London Fashion Week. Let’s be proud of Smaranda Almașan, Emese Bakó, Andreea Castrase, Sabina Pop, Ancuta Sarca.

Well, first the fashion floor. The beautiful fashion & art installation put together by Lucian Broscățean & Ioana Olăhuț. “We didn’t want to be just clothes that repeat the pattern from the painting. We wanted to be a symbiosis between the tow parts of art, the cuts of the clothes and the lines in the painting are continuing each other message. Two identities that morphed into hybrid surfaces, shapes and volumes”, Lucian Broscățean told me at the opening of RDW. I just loved the Adelina Ivan & Carmen Secăreanu outfits, the colours seen in Emese Bakó, Borbala Ferencz, Lana and TRAȘKIN clothes and I have discovered a brand to watch (Cactus the Brand).

Then, the TRANSFORMERS exhibition, including 10 young designers: Johanna Bas Backer, Jorieke Tenbergen, Rosanne van Wijk, Christina Albrecht, Peer Cox, Alina Iuliana Radulescu, Diana Petroi, Silvia Paval, Cristina Gheorghe, Alexandru Simedru.

DO NOT miss the jewellery part! Andreia Popescu and her Zeppelins, Cleopatra Coșuleț jewellery and many many more.

The architecture floor, where I discovered (and rediscovered) a lot of beautiful spaces and personal houses in Bucharest and around. 41 projects signed by 32 studios. DO NOT miss the paper houses installation, like a Japanese origami on an architect’s dream.

The product design floor. Well, here I had a lot of favourites. First, the Agnes Lukacs for SIMPLU, delicate, white and minimalist. Then, the ceramics that I love (Mădălina Teler from De.Ceramică and Mădălina Andronic and her beautiful painted ceramic objects. The Dizainăr Studio (Mihnea Ghilduș, Raul Cadar, Magda Traciu), the wood toys from MORMI, the fairy-tale inspired boxes from Cosânzeana and UBIKUBI projects.

And, finally (but definitely not the last),  the graphic design and illustration. My crush this RDW 2017 edition? The sketches from Camellie.



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