Esthetic of black and white with Adelina Ivan

She’s one of my favorite Romanian designers. And that’s because minimal, futuristic and conceptual, Adelina Ivan’s black and white clothing features interesting textures with clean lines. Add to that pure fabrics with refined finishes. Therefore (already in love with the Fall/Winter 2015/2016 pieces, with their geometrical shapes and minimal vibe) I talked with her about the inspiration game, the perfect day and her favorite places for going out.

What inspired you for this collection?
The permanent-ephemeral game.
Which are your favorite periods in fashion history? In which one would you love to live?
The 90s for the minimalism tendency, reminding me of the 50s era. And I love the 70s for the freedom, simplicity and nature bonding vibe.
What is the remedy for a inspiration gap?
I really don’t have uninspired moments; the inspiration isn’t something that comes and goes. When I start a new project I gather all data, I do my research, then everything has a natural flow.
Your perfect day would be…
In an ideal world I would wake up very early, to drink my coffee very slowly and calmly, thinking about all the things I have to do. I would go to gym, than to my workshop (my favorite spot) and I would arrive at home sometimes before 6.00 p.m., in order to spend more time with my youngest son, Iancu.
What’s next for Adelina Ivan?
Now I’m working at Fall/Winter 2016/2017 collection; I will present it at Paris in March 2016. (


All time favorite designer… Ann Demeulemesteer.
Your favorite collection for Fall/Winter 2015/2016… A.F.Vandevorst.
The city that inspires you… London.
What do you listen right now… Baby Dayliner.
Going out in Bucharest… Steam, Voila, Bar A1, Simbio, M60, Frudisiac, Control.

adelina ivan

Adelina Ivan / Photo: Gabi Hirit

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Photography: Vlad Brateanu (campaign images)