The fashionable formula of a cool brand: interview with the designer of Chemistry 

“Well-designed couture is like water: it effortlessly takes the shape of the body it’s poured on”, Vera Alecsa said to me on the beautiful morning when I have visited her lovely studio ( And she was right: I was perfectly fine no matter if I tried on a red dress (unusual for me, I know), a grey pleated dress or a black jumpsuit. Accompanied by the big fluffy cat, the mascot of the house, I chat with Vera, over a coffee, about the challenges that a new brand has to overcome in the today world, about the passion for natural materials, about the opportunities that you may have, as a designer, if you want to work hard, about the clothes that could be worn anywhere, from office’s meetings to walks in the park or formal cocktail events. And, after a while, I realise that I could stay there for hours: it must be the chemistry with clothes from… Chemistry.

Chemistry – the clothes could be found on
The studio (by appointment) – 13 Intrarea Zamifrescu Leonida, Bucharest – here the details.
The capsule collection Chemistry 24/7 is an eclectic one, made of natural fabrics, in black & grey for office mornings and vibrant colours for the sunniest afternoons.

Chemistry clothes

Vera Alecsa & Alina Aliman

Chemistry, because…

… you should feel that connection with the clothes in order to wear them. I have created a short description of what chemistry is for me, and I hope the women who wear my designs rely with this description. At chemistry we believe well-designed couture is like water. It effortlessly takes the shape of the body it’s poured on. And keeps it young. And fresh. So that model and garment become one. A sculptural ensemble.

We believe in fashion that stays after trends leave. In lines that know neither time, nor tensions. Same as atoms don’t change when matter transforms.

Our chemistry is never about explosions and bangs. So forget about adornments and flashy decorations. And revel in beautifully simple sewing blended with well-thought design for total comfort. And thus wearable every day. The purest shapes, the best materials and the cleanest cuts slowly distilled by the passion of our craftsmanship kick start a chain reaction that will get you addicted. But don’t forget: you put the real mystery in chemistry!

Chemistry jumpsuit

Chemistry showroom

 Your first love story with fashion begins with… 

… my grandma’s drapery.  I remember I stole it and made myself a skirt. I was about 10 years old.

 The inspiration point for every collection…

… may be a vacation, a film, a book, the nature, the wind whispering, a culture, a fashion era, textures, fabrics. There are plenty sources of inspiration. It really depends on my mood when I am starting to create a collection.

Chemistry yellow coat

The remedy for an inspiration gap is…

… to travel. Visit a lovely place where you can gather your thoughts: a lonely sandy beach, listening to the waves, admire the sea and the blue sky and enjoying sunny weather. It will reset you for sure.

The favourite period in the fashion history…

… the 20’s. I am fascinated by the androgynous “garçonne” look created by Chanel. She designed clothing for comfort, simplicity and chic appearance with an innovative combination of jersey material and shapes borrowed from men’s clothing.  In the 20’s, the extreme simplicity of the dress was supplemented with surface decorations of spangled embroidery, makeup included red lipstick, white powder and blush, the eyes accentuated with a dark line of kohl and a short bob to complete the look.

 The fashion era you would like to live in… 

… the 20’s. All the reasons are mentioned above.

Chemistry fashion brand

 The timeless pieces that everybody should have… 

… a great pair of jeans, a crisp white shirt, a little black dress, a classic trench, a blazer and the black pumps. These classic items are the blocks to a functional wardrobe and can be worn in a multitude of ways in a variety of situations.

The piece that should be expelled from the fashion trends is… 

… I think trends are subjective and feeling confident about yourself in a certain item is a good enough reason to wear it. Something that is not cool today can be cool in the future. For example, 10 years ago wearing socks with sandals was something very awkward. Back then, when I saw someone of my age wearing this combination I was like “she looks so out of fashion… like an old lady from my grandma’s village”. Now I see socks with sandals in a different way. I think I feel good about myself to wear them.

Chemistry dress

Your signature piece is…

… the hand knitted sweater. Over the years, the hand knitted sweater took me to job, vacations, dates, city breaks. Since my childhood, it still lives in my closet always adapting to changes in fashion and come out whenever my attire can benefit from a touch of personal history.

We need fashion in our lives just because…

… is a playful way to express ourselves. For me, fashion is a silent way of communication. Clothes can speak about your current mood, age, social class, occupation. With the use of fashion, you can create a personal style that reflects your identity.

Chemistry designer

Vera Alecsa & Alina Aliman

The capsule collection Chemistry 24/7 is an eclectic one, made of natural fabrics, in black & grey for office mornings and vibrant colours for the sunniest afternoons.

capsule collection Chemistry 24/7

capsule collection Chemistry

Chemistry collection, 24/7 – a seemingly eclectic collection but whose unity comes from the desire to offer modern women adequate outfits for each moment of the day.

collection Chemistry 24/7


Photography:, Daniel Păduraru


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