5 art exhibitions to see in October 2021. And an eco fair.

Autumn brings us a lot of fun: new artist, installations and new galleries. Below, a short intro of the nicest exhibitions we can see in October, in Bucharest. Go out and check them because it’s more fun to see them than talk about them 🙂 5 art exhibitions to see in October 2021. And an eco fair.

AnnArt Gallery – @annartcontemporary – (till 8th of October 2021)

Exhibition TAA2021 collective includes 12 artists that present different artworks: from traditional techniques to digital experiments, from painting, drawings and sculpture to photography, video installations, holograms an VR. Most of them are for the first time in front of a public. Their themes are also very diverse: from games as a front gate of freedom, from religion and existential crisis to emotions and species extinction related theme. 

Centrul Cultural Palatele Brâncovenești Mogoșoaia – www.palatebrancovenesti.ro (until 31st of October 2021) 

The solo exhibition called Lucian Popăilă – Chasm – is all about ordinary things transposed into spiritual experiences. Branches, bushes, clouds, water shapes – they are transformed in the artist’s view and the simple yet very powerful colours are there to make us a very strong impression. Like a haiku poem transposed into an artwork. 

Galeria Sector 1 – @sector1gallery (until 29 of October 2021) 

“cine ne apără de alunecarea melcului / ce trece peste lama cuțitului / fără să-i pese” – kind of unusual title for a exhibition 🙂 – actually is a verse borrowed from one of Nora Iuga poems. It is an exhibition that talks about East and West, about history, also about collective and personal memory related to that. 
17 international artists are here, their works are part of the art collection of Pomeranz in Vienna. Romanian artists as Mircea Cantor, Victor Man, Alin Bozbiciu and Ion Grigorescu stay next to Darja Bajagic, Eliza Douglas, Tatjana Danneberg, Simon Fujiwara, Július Koller, Tarik Kiswanson, Leigh Ledare, Adrian Paci, Laure Prouvost, Markus Schinwald, Slaven Tolj, ULAY, Zhao Zhao.

Tatjana Danneberg, Hidden poet
Tarik Kiswanson, Handwoven Stainless Steel

Galeriile Carol – @carolgalleries (until 31st of October 2021) 

Out of the Woods – the solo exhibition of the young Romanian artist Ionuț Barău is, actually, an entire scenographic setup. Pieces of wood, branches and leaves (from olive to bamboo, oak and palm tree), climbing green plants and beautiful and colourful flowers complete the artworks. Silhouettes of people are inserted into this magic landscape; the artist says that the wood and the vegetation are the witnesses of his introspective journey to his own ego. 

Mobius Gallery – @mobiusgallery (until 15 October 2021)

Living Content presents “Under Pressure”, a project supported by Mobius Gallery, that brings together ten visual and sound artists. Using art as an interpretation of reality might prove to be a useful way, even a coping strategy, to grow ecological awareness and to better equip us to experience the uncanniness of the fact that we find ourselves at the edge of a sixth extinction. Is a project that does not pretend to offer solutions as ecological practicums; it rather conceives itself as a collection of poetic explorations that look into a potential reconciliation with what it means to be human in the age of climate crisis. Artists: Monira Al Qadiri, Anca Bucur, Chlorys, Bogdana Dima, Adrian Ganea, Maria Guță, Nona Inescu, Katja Novitskova, Simina Oprescu, Jenna Sutela

Galateca – @galateca (02-03 October 2021) 

The second edition of Neo Fair – Eco & Wood Edition is going to take place at Galateca. The focus, this time: on sustainable wood – wooden jewellery from recycled scraps of wood, up-cycled pieces of furniture, workshops. Artists participants: Manuela Bădoiu / Bellissimo / Bicicleta din lemn / Chopchop wood / Katerini / Dorin Gafitanu / Ler povești cusute / Mizza Jewellery / Monica Mocanu / Atelier Muna /  Sabinne / Wooba / Wood Concert


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