10 Romanian designers to watch at Romanian Jewelery Week 2021

“A dress could get you out of a styling trouble, but a piece of jewellery will make you noticed”. A friend told me this some time ago, and the saying is still actual. With this thought in mind, I found (and questioned) 10 Romanian designers at Romanian Jewelery Week 2021. Yep, I really think my credit card is in danger right now 🙂 

The second edition of Romanian Jewelery Week will take place between 30 of September – 3rd of October 2021 – romanianjewelryweek.com.
The event will take place in Arcub – Hanul Gabroveni and other 5 locations. There will be more than 170 international designers, from 25 countries.  READ HERE more about this edition. 

  1. Alexandra Prelipcean – @foambubblesjewelry

Jewellery because… It has it’s own language and speaks louder than words: about who we are and who we want to be, about our dreams and hopes, about our values and ideas.

What is the message of the collection presented here, at Romanian Jewellery Week?A story in white collection” tells stories about change and growth, about new beginnings, about the transmutation of Fear into Hope. I used white as a blank canvas waiting to be written upon – offering an inner cleansing and purifying of thoughts, emotions and spirit, allowing us to put the past behind us and find the courage to move on.

2. Alice Stoicescu – @alys.rocks

Jewellery because… it’s fun, beautiful and a very personal form of art, because I love designing and creating it, because I love the spark in the eyes of my customers when they fall in love with a piece.

“Human Kintsugi” is a collection drawing inspiration from the kintsugi art (the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery by mending the areas of breakage with lacquer mixed with powdered gold). The gold imitates the repaired cracks in the porcelain and transposes them into the hardships which break us throughout our lives. In a world worshiping perfection, we must still appreciate imperfection for giving us uniqueness and individual beauty. The technique used for applying the gold foil, nunome zogan, was until not long ago only used for sword decoration. The secret of this collection is the hidden small pearl, representing the purity of the soul.

3. Diana Toboșaru @anaydblu

Jewellery because… I believe that whenever you need to step down for a moment from life’s rollercoaster, the beautiful things will help you reconnect with yourself and remind you about what is really important. I’d love to see that when my pieces of jewelry are worn, the day becomes beautiful and the world a brighter place. 

What is the message of the collection presented here, at Romanian Jewellery Week? The experiences, the challenges, the difficult moments in life help us evolve. We are born again, like the Phoenix bird, greater, wiser, stronger. “Don’t ever give up! There is no end, just a new beginning!” Annonimus

4. Cleopatra Coșuleț @cleopatracosulet

Jewellery because… it’s such a personal way of talking and telling stories without saying a single word.

What is the message of this collection? It’s a particular case, a very personal approach of everything that my already long-standing belonging to Assamblage community means to me. A joyful, growing, flowering and always evolving and resonating space of challenges and fulfilled wishes, open to everything, turning impulses into wearable thoughts. To be able to say all this, I changed the perspective of a famous quote, turning it into an intimate statement and I let feelings to be shaped into a lifeful herbarium: “what comes around, goes around”. 

5. Contemporia @contemporia

Jewellery because… It gives us the chance to both escape everyday life and connect with those around us. Escape by crafting metal in our workshop and connect through the pieces we create which we like to believe are true conversation starters. 

What is the message of the collection presented here, at Romanian Jewellery Week? We created the Kaolin jewelry collection as a melting pot for our artistic searches and creative approaches from recent years, our aspirations, contradictions and internal struggles. The result is a collection of reconciling contrasts: simple, white volumes, inspired by the delicate shape of insect wings and vegetal elements, intricate metal elements carefully holding the ceramic pieces, while symmetry refers to human intervention, controlled, rigorous, perhaps even futuristic and technology driven. 

6. Ioana Enache-Bordea @ioanaenache_jewelry 

Jewellery because… I can enter a different Universe where Creation is the Master. One in which I can work on my jewelry the same way I can work on developing myself, from scratch to the finishing phase.

What is the message of the collection presented here? The “ATELIER” Collection represents a whole and acceptance of the human states which are at the opposite pole: the contrasts between the states (pearl, oxidised black silver, 24k gold leaf), how one highlights the other and stands out, together forming a whole and contributing to the evolution of the soul. Just as the lotus flower grows in cloudy waters and mud, rising to the surface at sunrise, keeping its colour intact, so does the pearl, also an element of purity, “lifts” each piece of the collection from the oxidised silver. A beautiful lotus growing out of the mud and cloudy waters means overcoming obstacles in life, turning bad things into good things even in the darkest and saddest situations. I chose the name “ATELIER” for this collection because we are the main “workshop” in which we “manufacture” ourselves.

7. Livia Zaharia @paral_design

Jewellery because… it is always there with you, in your brightest moments but also when you are feeling down. It has a certain material strength, having been made to last, to be enjoyed and to be left as a solid memory or a keepsake. 

The message of this collection is… literally, parametric by nature- in all possible meanings. The collection is inspired by nature and its underlying rules but is also created by turning those natural shapes into geometry and abstract form, giving them another set of rules derived from the initial ones. It is basically rewriting those rules to create a new form, creating a new universe.

8. Magdalena Pelmuș @ma_na_jewellery   

Jewellery because… I believe jewelry is a statement to the world, a way to express who you are. 

Collection: Contemporary Archaeology of Love. Venus. Connect. Hearts. This collection is a celebration of Love. Love encompasses a range of strong and positive emotional and mental states, from the most sublime virtue or good habit, the deepest interpersonal affection, to the simplest pleasure. (Photo credit: @Sabin Malisevschi)

9. Mihaela Grama @content.mihaelagrama 

Jewellery because… at one point we found each other. I am a divided person, with one foot on the ground and the other in a completely different world. Pragmatically, jewelry justifies the way I root in any project and all the patience I find in myself. From the other angle, the jewel offers me boundless language to search, find and pass on sometimes the beauty, other times the pieces I discover in me.

What is the message of the collection presented here, at Romanian Jewellery Week? Things have more layers of depth, more angles, from which we each choose, consciously or not, what we see in the piece we are looking at. I was looking for my way of “something beautiful” in the ordinary – one of the most cultivated cereals, corn. Where I see beauty, someone else can see the only meal on that day, and others a way to make more money. I think it’s a place of gratitude because today I managed to see beauty.

Oval (Otilia Fiastru) @ovaldotstore 

Jewellery because… It’s sculpture on a smaller scale, it relates to the body, its a sign that you appreciate design even though you’re in your pyjamas, anyone can wear it. Its an investment, I get to do idea and not fix a function (as I usually do in my other jobs), I get to use nice tools, fire and get dirty in order to make something shiny, I love to turn understated forms into statement pieces or at least a conversation starter, I believe to see signs from God that need to materialise, I get louder than my kids, it`s playing, process, facing limits, failing & thank you.

What is the message of the collection? CHANCE is a series of agents of change, commonly known as “pedants” or “charms”. Agents of the series are subtle hints of the blind change, that instance when you need something good to happen to you, but you don’t know precisely what. Oval questions and shapes luck through its representation of some indicators of chance. Keep your favourite agent of change and hope for the good. 

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