The #deco inspiration of the month: 6 artists to watch

If we have to say inside, at least we could do it in style! Therefore, here they are: my new discoveries – deco & art pieces, just perfect to decorate the home, sweet home. #deco inspiration of the month: 6 artists to watch. 

Malene Knudsen

Malene Knudsen. Is a Danish artist based in Copenhagen, with a formal background in architecture from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Denmark. “I love working with clay by creating textures and shaping my own organic form language. The clay is my way of telling stories of our beautiful surroundings.” She started working with ceramics in 2018 and established her studio in 2020. Her pieces are available on (@_maleneknudsen_). 

Malene Knudsen

Adrien Miller. Based in Seattle, he refers to himself as “artist, sculptor, potter, painter”. His pieces of plates and vases are just beautiful, a cool combo between human shape and utility. Miller incorporates these face sculptures on food platters, in the shape of mugs and teapots, as well as stand-alone statues. His work puts an everyday life item alongside the beauty of the human face and body. “As a visual artist, I value the beauty that brings about well-being.” (@adrienmillerart

Adrien Miller

Gustaf Westman. A good and nice mirror is essential for nice pictures at home. Therefore, these chic and playful mirrors by the Swedish designer Gustaf Westma are all we could ask for. The curvaceous pattern of these mirrors is a reminiscent paean to the Ultrafragola Mirror by Ettore Sottsass, founder of Memphis Group, one of Westman’s design influence. Are available in two sizes (mini and large). (@gustafwestman

Gustaf Westman

Raduga Grëz. Toys as art – this is the motto for this cute design house that transforms kids toys into decorative objects. The Russian brand was founded by Inna and her husband Evgenii. For several generations they have been making matryoshka dolls. They use only solid wood and water-based paint or non-toxic oils. Raduga Grëz also seduces us with its contemporary shapes and colours. (@raduga_grez

Raduga Grëz
Ong Shunmugam

Ong Shunmugam. Is a brand based in far Asia, buy Priscilla Shunmugam. After reading law at the National University of Singapore, she spent a year in England studying dressmaking and pattern-cutting. Upon her return to Singapore in 2009, she began developing the womenswear label Ong Shunmugam. In addition to that, the latest collection by Priscilla is a very colourful and exotic collection of porcelain plates. (@ongshunmugam

Kim Markel – She imagine the most beautiful pastel-hued furniture line made of recycled Glossier packaging.Based in New York’s Hudson Valley, Kim Markel’s studio is built on the desire to create sculptural objects by upcycling discarded materials. The furniture line consists of a golden wardrobe, translucent “glow” chairs, side table and nostalgic handheld mirrors, inspired by Jelly shoes of the nineties, hard-candy lollipops. Markel describes the dreamy pastel-tinged aesthetic of the collection as “unapologetically gauzy, where everything sort of has a permanent filter of childhood magic over it.” (@kim.markel)

Kim Markel