Overload with white. Meet Culture of Excess collection and the designer Mirela Cioară

OK, I cheated a bit, because Mirela Cioară collection wasn’t all about white – but as usual, the details are in the eye of the beholder. Her collection, Culture of Excess, was nothing less that the title let me thought about it: a lot of elaborate details, laces, embroidery, pearls, stitches… In one hot day in Timișoara, after the Gala MDVTM ended, I talked with Mirela (Mimi) about the mood board of her wintery collection, about signature pieces and finally, I tried to play Snow White in a very urban city. 

Mirela Cioară designs are to be seen on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/mimi.mii.9) and Instagram, @mirelacioara.
The collection from Gala MDVTM – read here. 

mirela cioara designer timisoara

Your first fashion love story was… 

… with my grandmother’ shoes. I still have that grey pair, with a bow, that I used to try every time when I was visiting her. They were in a box, at the entrance, and I was fascinated by them – I used to spend minutes looking at me in the mirror. I think that was the starting point for my obsession for shoes. 

The mood-board for your 2019 collection includes…

… pearls, lace, ruffles, feminine volumes, a rococo esthetic, actual & modern elements as chains, staples, puffers… A mix of something old and something new. 

The best city to wear the collection is… 

… Paris. Even it sounds like a cliche. 

mirela cioara details

The perfect TV series for your collection would be…

… Sex and the City. I had a crush for Sarah Jessica Parker since high school. 

You wished you have invented… 

… the corset. I think it is one of the ost feminine items from history of fashion. 

mirela cioara collection culture of excess

Your signature piece will always be… 

… waist accents, those ones that flatter the figure, mixed up with some oversized items. Corsets, belts.. 

The biggest challenge for a designer nowadays is…

… to be authentic, to be real and true to herself (himself), to believe in his dreams and his creations. 

mirela cioara collection

The designer you would like to ask for a coffee and a piece of advice would be…

… John Galliano. 

What is next? 

I plan to expand my collection Culture of Excess – to create some more ready-to-wear versions of the items. 

Photography: Vlad Cîndea @vlad.cindea