A journey Out of Time with the designer Andreea Pleșa

I was pretty sure that I would love Andreea Pleșa master collection. Not only because I saw some pieces in backstage and I felt the fabrics, but also because I also loved her graduation collection (READ here about it). The cool & fluid jumpers with some twisted details, the perfect trenches for a cold autumn. In Timișoara, after MDVTM Gala (read here about the gala and the 22 collections), over a coffee, I talked with Andreea (or Ada, as her friends call her) about fashion stories, utility clothes and the perks of being a young designers nowadays. Hurry up if you want a trench – they are almost all sold already! 

Find Andreea Pleșa on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/andreeaplesa9/) or Instagram @andreeaplesa
About her collection at MDVTM Gala @gala.mdvtm 

andreea plesa collection

Your first fashion love story was that one…
… when I sold my first piece of clothing. The happiness on the buyer’s face was priceless. That was the moment I can say that I really fell in love with what I do. The simple idea that something that I have created can bring a smile on someone’s face keeps me going everyday. 

The moodboard for your 2019 collection includes…
… MOLLE system, utility garments, the definition of versatility and efficiency. 

The best city to wear the collection is…
… anywhere, because wherever we would be, we are always Out Of Time. 

andreea plesa details

The perfect TV series for your collection would be…
… I don’t really watch any TV series, because I am afraid that they might distract me from my work for a prolonged amount of time, therefore I cannot say which would be the perfect series for my collection. 

You wished you have invented…
… The Time Machine. I’d return to each and every important era of fashion and learn from the best. 

Your signature piece will always be…
… the coat, I’m in love with coats and fall-winter items. 

andreea plesa out of time collection

The biggest challenge for a designer nowadays is…
… continuously evolving. Believing in yourself 100%. Not letting anyone or anything discourage you. 

The designer you would like to ask for a coffee and a piece of advice would be…
… definitely Alexander McQueen.

Your pieces are available on…
… For now I am still working on my online store, and until it is ready, anyone can find me on Facebook or Instagram.

What is next?
Many new ideas, much more work and the next chapter of this beautiful journey called fashion. 

andreea plesa designer timisoara

Photography: Vlad Cîndea @vlad.cindea