Fashion memories: interview with young designer Andreea Pleșa

I have a thing with grey and cozy fabrics made out of wool and cotton, especially when the weather is not so friendly. Therefore, I could easily imagine myself in a Andreea Pleșa outfit, in the dark grey and black coat, with the beautiful details of over layered collar. I spotted her at Timișoara Fashion School, West University gala, and I wanted to know her better. We talked about outfits of tomorrow and sketches that marked her beginnings as a young designer, as well as about her graduation collection, Incomplet.

You could find Andreea Pleșa works on Facebook page  or Instagram. 

andreea plesa collection graduation

My journey in fashion world started with…

… curiosity. In 11th grade a colleague of mine proposed me to take a fashion design course with her. I was a little reserved, but out of curiosity I accepted. I’d never thought that I will get a college degree in fashion design. I think that was one of the best decisions of my life.

My graduation collection is about…

… the importance of memories in filling the gap left by the disappearance of a close person.

My first fashion sketch (ever) was…

… a princess. Like any other little girl who touches a notebook and a coloured pencil, I drew princesses with heart shaped tops, tiaras and high heels, but back then I didn’t know what fashion was. My first so called „fashion sketch” was a lady with denim jeans and a brown jacket, but seeing it from today’s perspective it really looks like a robot. (Smiles.)

andreea plesa collection coats

andreea plesa lookbook

andreea plesa lookbook graduation

Old school items that will always inspire me are…

… suits, they are so simple at a first glance, but so complex in terms of tailoring and details.

If my fashion mood board would be a city, it would be…

… New York.

Fashion would never be…

… dead. Fashion will always be alive, changing and recomposing.

I would wear one of my designs…

… anywhere. Every item I create defines me and shows me as I am.

I would like my signature look to be… 

… minimalist. I mostly wear dark colours. My signature are my rings, I always wear them.


andreea plesa graduation collection

andreea plesa collection lookbook

andreea plesa lookbook collection

In my opinion, the outfit of tomorrow will consist of….

… freedom of expression and comfort.

The most extravagant thing I wish to design is…

… undefined. I can’t say which is the most extravagant thing I want to design. Everyday I have a new idea, I always want to make something new and to improve  myself.

andreea plesa

Andreea Pleșa

For mood pictures – Model: Mihaela Bihoi. Photo: Vlad Cîndea. Make-up: Bojita Ilici. Hairstyle: Marius Schiell // For lookbook photos – Model: Francesca Curea. Photo: Vlad Cîndea. Make-up: Gabriela Rada


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