Triple power of  femininity in an exhibition at Galateca

A blue sun, a series of paintings inspired by an old legend, a red carpet made out of metal and some delicate yet strong glass objects. These are, for short, the main objects in display at “Măiastra. IA-Altfel/EA-Altfel” exhibition, at Galateca Gallery.

“Măiastra. IA-Altfel/EA-Altfel” is open between 5th of July and 8th of September at Galateca Gallery, Bucharest,
The works are signed by Ioana Olahuț / Elena Ilash / Alexandra Mureșan. 

expo galateca

“We wanted to explore the symbol of the traditional Romanian blouse, but we didn’t want to be something so obvious, like traditional motifs. Therefore, we have decided to do thing different and to play with some feminist stories, with some shapes centred on the human identity”, Elea Ilash told me at the opening. Therefore, the whole exhibition is more an installation, where a red carpet is made out of tiny (and a lot) of metal pieces, where the vibrant pink and raw green coexist in Ioana Olahuț paintings and where the shapes of glass sculptures imagined by Alexandra Mureșan took me in a Brancusi mood.

blue sun

elena ilash

galateca elena ilash

“It is an exhibition about force, but also fragility, about transparency but also opacity, about seduction, vivid colours but diffuse shapes”, said the artists. “My works are visual reflexions of the super fragile line between natural and artificial and a meditation on ritual passages”, said Ioana Olahuț.

Inwardly directed mortido Ioana Olahut Galateca

Ioana Olahut

“The glass is the symbol of transparency”, said the artist Alexandra Mureșan. “As the democracy. As love. And I strongly believe that the next century will be one under the glass sign.”

alexandra muresanu

enrapture Alexandra Muresan Galateca

Photography: Mihai Theodor Sava /


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