7 collections from Timișoara Fashion School

16 collections, many visions upon what is going to be the next trend, obsessions of colours and lights, clothes like a complicated  piece of architecture: this was, for short, the summary of 2017 graduates, Timișoara Fashion School, West University. Here are the 7 of the favourites.

Andreea Pleșa – Incomplet. I just loved the coats and the over layering of collars. I would say it’s a perfect collection for the autumn.

plesa andreea

Mirela Cioară – Pills and suits. It’s a manifesto collection against workaholism, a big problem of contemporary society. I liked the white and sand combination with a little hint of stripes.

cioara mirela

Adrian Ioan Mic – (Eu) nu știu cum sămănumesc. The styling was very nice, and I just wondered how the models managed to walk on those shoes on the runway.

mic adrian uvt

mic adrian

Adina Orboi – Let men expire femininity. A good collection, a good manifesto, nice styling. And the plisee pants are a must-have.

orboi adina

orboi adina uvt

Giulia Diana Păunescu – Deeply. The eye is a mirror for the soul. You could look at the clothes and the clothes may have eyes for you.

paunescu diana

Roxana Florian- Outer me inner me. She talks, in her collection, about cutting, exaggeration, playing with proportions.

florian roxana UAT

Hanelore Schadt – Marionette. Graphic cuts, soft colours, interesting layerings. A way of saying that our addiction to the technology in the nowadays world could transform us into marionettes.

schadt hanelore

The Timișoara West University 2017 graduates gala took place in Timișoara National Theatre.  
The collections were coordinated by: Conf. univ. dr. Andreea Palade-Flondor, Conf. univ. dr. Valentina Ștefănescu, Lector univ. dr. Cristina Lazăr, asist. univ. dr. Sandra Chira Suciu și Lect. asociat dr. Corina Mutu.

Photography: Ewald Gruescu

Photography for special shootings: Adina Orboi (photo: Adina Orboi, Remus Feuerstahler, Flori Achim), Diana Păunescu (photo: Ciprian Denis Vancea), Mic Adrian (photo: Cristina Siminicianu), Cioara Mirela (photo: Cristina Siminicianu), Pleșa Andreea (photo: Vlad Cîndea).


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