5 reasons to love the new MINI Electric

Spoiler alert: it looks like a MINI, it tastes like a MINI (drive), it is #ChargedWithPassion. I was happy to see, at the worldwide lunch, the new MINI Electric. And it was just perfect. 3, 2, 1, Start. Get MINIfied. 

OK, I have to confess that I cannot imagine myself living without a car, but nor can I live in a world devastated by pollution. Therefore, I thought a full electric car could be the answer to my future rides. I had one (not so teeny-tiny) problem: I didn’t like much the design of the electric cars so far: they looked… too much like some cute toys and less like powerful cars… The MINI Electric solved that issue for me. 

MINI Electric

1. It looks like I car that I can love and drive every day. Feels like electric, but looks like MINI. The eco side of the car comes along the other features I just love about it: its iconic design and legendary responsive handling, the innovative tech, the ability to customise it to my taste. But the new fully electric motor takes things to a whole new level. Actually, Mini Electric is almost indistinguishable from its combustion-engined counterpart. The most notable difference is the blocked-off grille and bespoke four-spoke wheel design (and the E mark, of course).

2. The feeling of the full electric power for a car race sensation on a regular road. The Cooper SE can also manage zero to 60 acceleration in just over seven seconds, and has an engine under the hood that’s capable of delivering the equivalent of up to 181 HP (for more technical features, got to www.mini.com). 

3. It makes my future look better, not only by the new way of driving a car, but also through the way that MINI projects changed the cities we used to know (Urban-X, a venture start-up accelerator, designated to to educate, invest in and advocate for startups shaping the future of cities through technology and design). Apps making the cities more liveable with the help of artificial intelligence, projects that give real-time insights from streets, artistic projects… 

4. MINI is keen to its English origins. Arriving in showrooms March 2020, the MINI Electric is already in the making in the production line at Plant Oxford. A perfect match for the 60 anniversary of the iconic brand.

5. It is still a fun car to drive in a chaotic city. Or, the official of MINI brand put it, let’s electrify the MINI and minify the mobility! As for me, I would take it anytime for a ride in Rotterdam over the Erasmus bridge, to visit the weird Cube Houses – Kijk-Kubus

MINI Electric
MINI Electric

Photography: (c) MINI, www.dreamingof.net