The dreams are made of lace and passions: interview with the designer of Parlor

I did it again. Somewhere, somehow, between the white delicate dresses, the soft silk red tops and the warm of the pink coats… I lost the sense of time. And it happens every time I enter the Parlor studio. I know Veronica Zaharia, the cool designer behind one of the most beautiful and well-cared brands in Romania, for years. And every time is a real treat to talk to her about everything, from couture to social media, from travel to sports and dancing.

Parlor pieces could be found online on Parlor web site   & Farfetch  and in multi-brand stores from London, Seoul, Hong Kong and New York.

About the latest collection of Parlor – here. 

Veronica Zaharia & Alina Aliman

Veronica Zaharia & Alina Aliman

My first love story with fashion design has started with…

… my grandmother’s gorgeous outfits and my grandfather’s tailoring atelier full of fabrics and patterns.

The most precious moment in my fashion designer career would be…

… the moment I created my first dress, which I still wear and I still imagine it in different ways for every Parlor collection – Lolita dress.

parlor tshirt

parlor details

My impossible dream in designing dresses would be…

… designing the “Made in Romania” is something I am proud of. I don’t want to be pessimistic by saying that soon this will become the impossible dream and Parlor labels will be “Created in Romania – Made somewhere in the world where they respect handicraft”.

Old school items that will always inspire me are…

… the silk slippers and porcelain teacups.


parlor red dress

Parlor fashion signature will always be…

… ”classic lines in a modern manner”.

In my opinion, the outfit of tomorrow will consist of…

… one-button jumpsuits, in neon colors.

parlor mirror

parlor black

We need fashion in our lives because…

… it is one of the most direct ways of expressing ourselves as individuals.

What’s going to be next for Parlor? 

More expressions of a less restrained creative vision, or, using simple words, will be more about me and less about fashion trends.

pink coat parlor

If my fashion mood board would be a city, it would be… London.

If my dresses could dance, the music would be… Dmitri Shostakovich.

If I would have infinite powers, I would erase from fashion history… Crocs and heavy steel boned corsets.

If I could meet any designer in the world (no matter from which period) he (she) would be… Paul Poiret.

Photography: Ciprian Rotaru / Easy Engineering –


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