Immerse your mind and soul in this exhibition signed by Lucian Broscăţean

I know Lucian Broscățean for years now. And I know that everything he does – no matter if it is coordinating students at UAD Gala in Cluj as a Senior Lecturer, designing new shapes for his fashion collection or patterns for other brands – he does it with his heart. And that shows in the first second. It’s the case of the amazing exhibition “Mind Immersion / Inverted Path”, signed by Lucian Broscăţean, just opened in Berlin, at Anaid Art Gallery (

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The exhibition “Mind Immersion / Inverted Path”, signed by Lucian Broscăţean, could be viewed between 14th July – 05 August 2017.
Anaid Art Gallery, curator Diana Dochia, Joachimstraße 7, D-10119 Berlin | 

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The fashion installation “Mind Immersion / Inverted Path”, signed by Lucian Broscăţean, is built on the idea of an initiatic path sprinkled with signs, symbols and visual metaphors of the identity “construct”, as the concept appeared in the literary work of James Joyce and Tennesse Williams.

“Probably is the most personal project so far, for me”, Lucian told me, at the phone, just a day before the opening of the exhibition. And, seeing the pictures (sorry I couldn’t make it to Berlin!) I understand what he means. Including a series of old photographs, illustrating in black and white Lucian Broscăţean’s childhood and embedded pieces of clothing – containing elements taken from popular costumes from Sibiu county (Hermannstadt) – the monochrome project “Mind immersion / Inverted path” explores the most hidden nooks of humans psycho. The cloth becomes a witness of the past and a communicator of the future.lucian broscatean exhibition lucian broscatean anaid art gallery exhibition berlin

About the pieces in the exhibition

Embracing the geometric elements from the traditional costumes from Sibiu (Hermannstadt), Transylvania, he configures a dark visual identity creating pieces of clothing which can be interpreted as hybrid sculptures. “The obsession with black & white geometries of the traditional costumes specific for Sibiu / Hermannstadt – the hometown, the austerity of monastic items from Orthodox monasteries in the North-Eastern part of Romania, the symbolism of black esoteric shapes and layering, early childhood instinctive drag styling, a strange atmosphere – configure a dark visual identity which generates hybrid clothes and sculptures.”

Hybrid dresses, rigorous cuts, volumetric geometries, reformulated details express a type of reflection from the traditional environment with the interference of new technologies, the decomposition of “great narratives,” the deconstruction and reconstruction of the archaic symbol itself.

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About… Lucian Broscăţean 

… “Special Mention” at the International Fashion Showcase @ London Fashion Week, Arts of Fashion “Wendy&Jim and YKK” Awards at MOMA San Francisco, Beau Monde Magazine’s “Crystal Globe” for Best Romanian Designer, 3 times nominee for “ELLE Style Awards Romania” Best Designer Category, 3rd place in the Fashion Design category and 42nd place in the general “Top 100 Cool Brands” made by Forbes Romania.

… in 2009 he worked for 4 months at the cutting-edge Viennese label Wendy & Jim. Between 2011 and 2017 Lucian was the Creative Director of Irina Schrotter’s brand.


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