The fashion after tomorrow: a new generation of Romanian designers of UAD Gala

If it’s summer, it’s Cluj Fashion Week. Well, in fact it’s just a weekend, but it is a very fashionable one. And that’s because, at the beginning of every hot season, the fashion world and the fashion people migrate to Cluj-Napoca, where the UAD Gala takes place. And where the new generation of tomorrow designers waits to be discovered.

What have I seen at Cluj 2017? Clothes inspired by punk or hip-hop culture, a lot of embroidery and dozen of details of all kind mixed all together with patches, stitches and prints, with asian motifs and strong colours. And I felt, in backstage, a lot of velvet, leather and neoprene, along with a sea of emotion of all these young designers eager to prove that they will have something to say in the future of Romanian fashion.

What I liked? Well, it was even harder to decide. May be the punk  vibe of Andreea Aldea Revolt collection, may be the deep blue shaed of the silk shirts imagined by Isabela Teodor in Vibration, the digital prints of Adriana Cerghizan Ctrl+Alt+Glitch outfits, the experiments with shapes made by Cătălina Culda in Perception of Infinity, the beautiful details on the velvet half-coat plus a bag in Bulletproof line of Corina Cigodean, the exquisite treatment of the embroidery and prints on the contemporary silhouettes made by Kiss Gyöngyvér, the happy vibe of Notorious collection signed by Lörincz Evelyne, the fresh air of the collection Bad Trip by Andrada Moldovan based on the concept of “more is more, less is a bore” by Iris Apfel and the amazing constructions and layerings in Lucrezia Borgia collection by Alexandra Grăjdeanu. Or may be the ethereal looks in Linda Szabo master collection or the determination of masculine looks in Ionuț Oarcaș runway.

teodor isabela

Isabela Teodor

Linda Szabo

spin ariana

Ariana Spin

solyom karola

Karola Solyom

peter abigel

Abigel Peter

paduraru denisa

Denisa Păduraru

oprean andrada

Andrada Oprean

oltean sorana

Sorana Oltean

oarcas ionut

Ionuț Oarcaș

negrea bianca

Bianca Negrea

moldovan andrada

Andrada Moldovan

lorincz evelyne

Lörincz Evelyne

kiss gyongyver

Kiss Gyöngyvér

iarinco claudia

Claudia Iarinco

iacubina nadejda

Nadejda Iacubina

grajdeanu alexandra

Alexandra Grăjdeanu

dumitras stefania

Ștefania Dumitraș

dobrescu diana

Diana Dobrescu

culda catalina

Cătălina Culda

constantinescu luciana

Luciana Constantinescu

cigodaru corina

Corina Cigodaru

chis diana

Diana Chiș

cerghizan adriana

Adriana Cerghizan

buzas madalina

Mădălina Buzaș

barbos oana

Oana Barbos

ancuta elena

Elena Ancuța

aldea andreea

Andreea Aldea

How was the UAD Gala of 2017? Bigger and wonderful as ever. 27 collections, 70 models, 65 volunteers and a dozen of partners and sponsors, a 75 meters catwalk and more than a 1.000 guests.

The history of the UAD Gala: is a beautiful platform that promotes young alumni of University of Arts and Design from Cluj. And it is the launching point of a lot of young designers that started their career with internships (thanks to the scholarships sustained by the University) at some well-known international brands as H&M, Ann Demeulemeester, Erdem, Giles, Bless, Ashish, Meadham Kirchhoff, Barbara i Gongini, AF Vandevorst, Haal, Jolidon, Irina Schrotter, Seen Users etc.

(Coordinators: Prof.univ.dr. Elena Basso Stănescu, Conf.univ.dr. Lucian Broscățean, prof.univ.dr. Anca Pia Rusan.)

Producer: Matei Miko / Pro Transilvania, Libero Events, Meron. Make-up: MAC Cosmetics Romania. Hairstyle: Foarfeca de Aur, Vestige Centre Ville, POP Academy, Catwalk by Ramona Mîndru. Models: Transilvania Fashion. Music: Dj LeXi & Lorant

Photography: Emil Costruț powered by Q Smile / Styling: Diana Flore, with MAC Cosmetics.


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