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From the walls to the T-shirts: the Hand Cut Collage collection

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I am so, so happy when I discover a young artist whose works take me by surprise. I am even happier when I met the artist, over some period of time, and I discover that she (he) has a bigger project. And new cool things to share to the world. And that the dreams that the artist or a designer shared at some point in the interview have just become reality. Therefore, I couldn’t notice that Mihaela Nastase (Hand Cut Collage) transported her wonderful collages on… cotton.

Find the collages and the T-shirts on www.handcollage.com.
Follow Mihaela on www.facebook.com/handcutcollage/, www.instagram.com/handcut_collage/ to find out about the next exhibitions. 
Read the interview with Mihaela Nastase HERE. 

“The collage art is, for me, a way to express my vision on different aspects of romance, regret, nostalgia, joy, materialism, beauty… and everything else that makes up out twisted world”, says Mihaela Nastase. And all these feelings are now imprinted on some cool T-shirts made out of cotton – “the finest one you could find”, the artist says, for women and for men. “It is not just a simple T-shirt, with a print on it. You wear, practically, a pice of art on you. One that says some interesting stories”, says the designer, who promised that the fashion line is going to grow, with kids clothes.

Hand Cut Collage collection for women

Hand Cut Collage collection for women

Hand Cut Collage collection for men

Hand Cut Collage collection for men


Mihaela Nastase was fascinated with pop art, and she found inspiration in famous artists, like Roy Lichtenstein or Andy Warhol, but also in glossy magazines and popular videos of the ’90. In the forth grade she started sending small collages to her friends and classmates as stamped letters. And from that point to a full time job as an artist is the entire project, Hand Cut Collage. She had her works exhibited in Tokyo, London, Rome and recently in New York.

Photography: www.handcutcollage.com


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