Tomorrowland: the next generation of Romanian designers

26 collections, dozens of beautiful designs: that was, for short, the UAD 2015 Gala. The alumni of University of Arts and Design from Cluj have presented their graduation collections.

Oversized structures, various materials, innovative cuts of the fabrics, inspiration from folklore to “Mad Max”: the collections I saw in Cluj on 27th of June were edgy and provocative. For short: a lot of techno fabrics, with urban influence (I loved the leather and rubber layering in “Asfalt” collection of Sorana Barb and SF inspiration in Sandra Selescu pieces), some romantic, mysterious items like in Aliz Simon’s collection, a lot of contemporary references about suburban culture (treated with a lot of humor as in Alina Morar satin tuxedos accessorized with a lot of golden chains) and pop colors (and very pop accessories) as seen in Diana Ilia and Diana Dobrescu collections. I admired the delicate and complicated laser cuts in Andrea Castrase pieces, the fine embroidery on Arabela Sim capes, dresses and bags and the Asian touch at Linda Szabo. My favorites? The rock ‘n roll jackets seen at Sorana Barb, the beautiful and eco-like rucksacks at Magdalena Butnaru, the etheric outfits at Nadejda Iacubina and the all-white collection of Anișoara Leordean. The entire list of alumni: Sorana Barb, Aliz Simon, Regian Frolich, Diana Dăian, Linda Szabo, Diana Dobrescu, Izabela Teodor, Alina Timar, Maria Leordean, Oana Pop, Anişoara Leordean, Bianca Negrea, Diana Chiş, Nadejda Iacubina (coordinated by Prof.Univ.dr.Elena Basso Stănescu and Lect.Univ.dr. Lucian Broscățean). Plus the master collection: Anca Zaharia, Andreea Szanto, Sandra Şelescu, Loredana Gheţie, Inga Brăgaru, Andreea Chiş, Alina Morar, Ancuţa Sârca, Magdalena Butnariu, Andreea Castrase (coordinated by Prof.Univ.dr. Elena Basso Stănescu and Prof.Univ.dr. Anca Pia Rusan).

It was a full night, I might say, and I was happy to see that the designers didn’t loose the sense of humor. And neither the audience, where, sometimes, the outfits were in hard competition with the extravagant patterns of the designers.



Sorana Barb


Regian Frolich

oana pop

Oana Pop

maria leordean

Maria Leordean

linda szabo

Linda Szabo

izabela teodor

Izabela Teodor


Diana Ilea

diana dobrescu

Diana Dobrescu

anisoara leordean

Anisoara Leordean


Aliz Simon

alina timar

Alina Timar

bianca negrea

Bianca Negrea

diana chis

Diana Chis

arabela sim

Arabela Sim

cezara muresan

Cezara Muresan

alina morar

Alina Morar

anca zaharia

Anca Zaharia

ancuta sarca

Ancuta Sarca

andreea castrase

Andreea Castrase

andreea chis

Andreea Chis

andreea szanto

Andreea Szanto

inga bragaru

Inga Bragaru

loredana ghetie

Loredana Ghetie

magdalena butnariu

Magdalena Butnariu

nadejda iacubina

Nadejda Iacubina

sandra selescu

Sandra Selescu

Photo: Emil Costruț