The fashion parallels: an interview with the designer Szabo Linda

If you ask somebody who knows me, I will never wear something too extravagant. But still, I wanted to try one of  Linda Szabo’s designs. And it felt really nice, even it was a very hot day and I was dressed with layers and layers of fabrics. And the talk with Linda was refreshing.

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What was the inspiration’ source for the collection you have presented at UAD (University of Art and Design from Cluj) Gala?

The 40s, the military uniform and the off duty suits during the Second World War and the “New Look” of Christian Dior.

Why “Parallels”?

Because, in that period of time, there was a huge difference of style and fashion in the 40s: there was a war in some parts of the world and a luxury lifestyle in others. On the other hand, if you thing further, the parallelism is still valid nowadays.

How long did it take you to actually put together the collection?

I would say two months, starting with the quest for fabrics, the patterns, the actual making of the clothes and bags. It is my first collection, so I encounter some difficulties in all the stages. But very interesting; to start from sketches and to see my collection in the end… it gave me a great satisfaction.

A funny moment during the process?

I wasn’t thinking it was „funny” when happened, but now it is…. I was looking for a light grey cloth. After a intensive research, I had found it in a storage, I looked on the characteristics on the website, then I ordered the fabrics. Well, when I received the package, I was shocked to discover that the fabric was powdery pink, not grey at all! But at the end I integrated the textures in my collection and it was OK.

What’s your personal style? Where would you wear one of your designs?

I like mix&match feminine style. I love asymmetries, the innovative solutions and hand-made details. There are some pieces in my collection that I would wear every day, but there are some made for special events, festivals, shows.

The key pieces for Autumn/Winter 2015/2016?

The fur coat, the hat, the turtleneck sweater, the midi skirt.

Your all time favorite designer?

I was in high school when I had my first encounter with fashion. I found my way and my calling for fashion design thanks to the movie “Coco avant Chanel”, which fascinated me. It was about a courageous woman, who had the guts to express her idea in a difficult era. Therefore, I started to read about other designers and look for more. My favorite designers have particular styles, but I am still attracted by the same details. Some of my favorites: Christian Dior, Céline, Balenciaga, Chanel, Givenchy, Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs, Junya Watanabe, Thom Browne.

Do you remember your first sketch? Your first piece?

I don’t know if that one was the first, but I can remember the cocktail dress I made, inspired by grapes. It was asymmetrical, with round patches of fabric linked with beads.

The piece we will always find in your collections?

The jacket. The coat.

Imagine you have unlimited resources and the show could take place anywhere in the world…

My ideal collection would have a complex concept and a very deep research at the base. It would be ready-to-wear, but conceptual. The location should be in concordance with the outfit. Overall, I think it would be more like a performance.

Style is…

… a personal manifesto, an inner incentive to go exteriorized, to present your particular personality to the world, in a colorful & dynamic way.

What’s next? Collections, school etc…

I would like to continue the master studies. And I would like to work on some other collections, shows, shootings, new projects.

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Designer Linda Szabo & Alina Aliman

Photography: Mihai Plătică

Many thanks to Lucian Broscățean & Diana Flore and Casa Matei Corvin, Cluj Napoca