MDVTM 2019 Fashion Gala: it was all in the name of fashion

Sometimes, the fashion months is not in March. This year, the fashion month started at UNARTE Bucharest, continued to Cluj-Napoca, then to Timișoara and (probably) it will stop at Feeric Fashion Week. And, as in any fashion month, one of the weeks is more poetic and other more artistic. This year, MDVTM Gala in Timișoara was the cool street styled one. 

MDVTM Gala – see the news and collections on @gala.mdvtm. 

22 collections and a lot of experiments (one of them good, others just… experimental) were presented on the runway at Vox Park Technologies in Timișoara, at MDVTM Gala 2019. 22 collections that talked about reinterpreted traditions, about recycling and sustainability, about an apocalyptic future, days on the beach and monsters (that symbolize the stages of healing the domestic and emotional abuse) or about a fairytale made possible. 

Andreea Pleșa OutofTime
Mirela Cioară – Culture of Excess
Iana Iovănaș – E-motion
Alexandru Pruteanu – Street Apes
Cristina Negovan – You got(d) me
Alexandru Balan – Open the gates
Raluca Horga – Run for the Hills
Csiszár Borbála – Point of View
Andreea Blajovan – A fost odată
Adina Orboi – Mermaid that grew legs
Emilia Boroica – Nothing is Enough

I loved two collections: Andreea Pleșa – Out of Time and Mirela Cioară – Culture of Excess – STAY TUNED on for the interviews and shootings with the designers. I admired the sport vibe in Alexandru Balan, Open The Gates collection and I was impressed by the scene setup with gracious ballerinas at Iana Iovănaș, in E-motion collection. 

What else did I like? The details of the outfits at Alexandru Pruteanu – Street Apes, the clean yet sophisticated lines in You Got(d) Me runway by Cristiana Negovan, the prêt-à-porter collection in earth colours NuTuMult of Andreea Isabela Cuciureanu, and the idea of relaxation in Hygge collection of Elisabeth Virag. 

Andreea Isabela Cuciureanu – Nutumult
Bianca Chiriac – Alien Apocalypse
Claudia Negulici – Spacer Woman
Denisia Cornelia Ungureanu – Regăsire
Elisabeth Virag – Hygge
Iosefina Casonatto – Mari Rosa
Kelemen Flavius – (Monsters) Under my bed
Linzenbold Vanessa – Thalassophile
Maria Dombrov – ADN
Nóra Kovács – Tribute
Sonia Petrican Happines has no gender

Coordinators: conf.univ.dr. Andreea Palade Flondor, lect.univ.dr Cristina Lazăr, ect.univ. dr. Sandra Suciu, lect.asociat dr. Corina Mutu, lect.univ.dr Eugenia-Elena Riemschneider 
Partners Gala MDVTM 2019 – Vox Technology Park, Genuine Advertising, Academia Final Touch, Rayna Decor, City Limo, Mark Design, Vitamin Aqua, Diploma, Lecții de Machiaj, Not Just a Label 

Photography: Ewald Gruescu / MDVTM 2019 Gala