3 exhibitions to see this summer

Long summer afternoons are perfectly made for museums. And for cool exhibitions and performances that can transport you into another world. Therefore, I will put on my wish list 3 different exhibitions to see this summer (with an installation component) in Bucharest and Vienna. (Installation by Ioana Olăhuț – photo cover)

Books + Papers ll – Vienna, Christine Koenig Gallery  – www.christinekoeniggalerie.com (until 27th of July) 
Maelstrom – Bucharest, Halucinarium Space,
www.halucinarium.com (until 11st of September 2019)
Art Supermarket – Bucharest, Galateca Gallery –
www.galateca.ro (until 31st of August 2019) 

Books + Papers ll – Vienna, Christine Koenig Gallery

For visual artists the book has always been an object of fascination. “Books and Papers II” continues an exhibition from the year 2015, and, with a different list of artists, reveals new facets in the relationship between text and image.

Under the influence of the book culture, art can develop a narrative dimension, and the set of texts, under the spell of pictorial representative forms, can develop an aesthetic dimension that perhaps tells a completely different story than the letters that might be concealed in it.

The artists invited into the gallery are: Sepp Auer, Pierre Bismuth, Andreas Duscha, Per Dybvig, Heinz Gappmayr, Thomas Hartman, Peter Hauenschild, Thilo Jenssen, Philip Loersch, Jeff McMillan, Humphrey Ocean, Dan Perjovschi, Tudor Pătrașcu, Tex Rubinowitz, Gerhard RÜHM, Maruša Sagadin, Greta SCHÖDL, Margherita Spiluttini, Mircea Stănescu.

Maelstrom – Bucharest, Halucinarium 

What does maelstrom mean today? What does it mean in art? Maybe… to be captive in a dangerous vertigo of events and emotions? Maybe… to be affected by the life changes? And all of these make us wonder: can we save the future? At Halucinarium, 4 artists from Cluj-Napoca try to do that (at least symbolic) through their artistic works. Paintings, sculptures and a enormous installation are signed by Ioana Olăhuț (photo cover), Anca Bodea (photo below), András Szabó and Matei Bocancios. 

“I had this project in my mind for some time, but because of its size, it was hard to accomplish it”, said Ioana Olăhuț. And I would say it is worth seeing (and, more important, listening!). “Make the people play a little, I thought. And look at life with a more relaxed, child eyes”, added the sculptor Matei Bocancios. 

Art Supermarket – Bucharest, Galateca Gallery 

The second edition of Young Art, organized by Galateca Gallery and NeoArt Romania Association is intended to promote young artists and to integrate art into the daily life. There will be graphics, drawing, paiting, cartoons, animation film, multimedia projects.

The selected artists are: Vlad Condurache / Oana Ispir / Adriana Florea Băloiu / BuZu / Cezarina Caloian / Miruna Gheordunescu / Ingrid Cosma / Ionuț Cravă / Maria Oancea / Dan Armand  Stancu /  Maria Tabarcea-Tănase / Mălina Lorelai Fulga / Andrei-Lucian Anghel / Nicoleta Nițu / Ema Cîrciu / Nadina Stoica / Andreea Săsăran / Nicolaie Prodmorou / Bogdan Craiu / Andra Moraru / Cătălin Ștefan Gheorghe / Alexandra Chiriță / Ilinca Ciucu / Irene Themba / Silvia Florean / Erica Oprea / Angela Raduță / Toma Amram/ Ibolya Nagy /Oana Vasile / Diana Mocanu / Sabina Tupan

Photography: galley archive 


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