Helmut Newton & Guy Bourdin in the room – a exhibition must-see

There are photographers that capture incredible images. And there are photographers that make history. And Helmut Newton and Guy Bourdin made history in the fashion image era. Therefore, the new exhibition “Guy Bourdin. Image Maker / Helmut Newton. A Gun for Hire / Angelo Marino. Another Story” is one not to be missed. (Photo up – Guy Bourdin, Charles Jourdan Spring 1976 (c) Guy Bourdin Estate, 2017, courtesy Louise Alexander Gallery)

The exhibition “Guy Bourdin. Image Maker / Helmut Newton. A Gun for Hire / Angelo Marino. Another Story” will be on view from December 1st, 2017 through May 13h, 2018.

The exhibition will be opened at Helmut Newton Foundation – http://www.helmutnewton.com.

8_Helmut Newton, Mario Valentino, Monaco 1998_copyright Helmut Newton Estate

Helmut Newton, Mario Valentino, Monaco 1998 (c) Helmut Newton Estate

Why Bourdin & Helmut Newton in the same room?

Both were the star photographers of Vogue Paris and produced some of the most iconic images of that era working for the top international fashion houses. They approached the shootings with an avantgarde point of view and sharp humour. They both broke aesthetic conventions achieving a sense of timeless glamour in their editorials and advertising.

In 1970s, at the peak of their career while they photographed magazine editorials, Newton shot the collections of clients such as Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Thierry Mugler, Mario Valentino and Blumarine. Simultaneously, Bourdin photographed collections such as Versace, Ungaro, Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent.

2_Guy Bourdin_Charles Jourdan_1975_copyright Guy Bourdin Estate_2017_courtesy Louise Alexander Gallery

Guy Bourdin, Charles Jourdan, 1975 (c) Guy Bourdin Estate 2017, courtesy Louise Alexander Gallery

What we are going to see?

“Image Maker” – the exhibition introduces works by Guy Bourdin from various publications, iconic and lesser- known images, Vintage prints, Vogue Paris layouts alongside his visionary advertising for Charles Jourdan shoes.

Newton called himself in self-irony “A Gun for Hire,” a term then used for the title of the exhibition of his commissioned work shown posthumously in 2005 in Monaco and Berlin and later in Budapest. A selection of this project will now be shown again at the Helmut Newton Foundation – we can see commissions for fashion designers from the 1990s that were first published in their own fashion books, and later often shown by the photographer as part of his own oeuvre.

Under the title “Another Story”, the work of Helmut Newton’s former assistant Angelo Marino, we can see an eclectic view of his environment, which he photographed on the way from Cannes to Monte Carlo. The snapshot-like images, taken with his iPhone, capture fellow travelers, the sea, or views of architec-ture and the landscape rushing past the window of the train.

6_Helmut Newton, Blumarine, Monaco 1994_copyright Helmut Newton Estate

Helmut Newton, Blumarine, Monaco 1994, (c) Helmut Newton Estate

Photography: Helmut Newton Foundation – http://www.helmutnewton.com.


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