Dreamscaping with David Drebin: a short talk with the artist

Of course I had to talk to him. He entitles his works Dreamscapes. What other good reason should I need to interview David Drebin, a well known artist, about his cinematic stories that features dangerous beauties or the most impressive cityscapes in the world?!

(Photo up: David Drebin/ Psychographer, 2015/ © courtesy David Drebin) 

But, getting a little bit serious, globally-acclaimed contemporary artist and photographer, David Drebin is renowned for creating spectacular shots of dazzling subjects. I just loved to experiment, through David’s lens, the incredible energy of the one-to-see San Francisco and to remember my good moments on Paris’ boulevards or Amalfi beaches. But is was also interesting to see them with a hint of… sex-appeal added, with clue about an interesting story of love & danger behind the glass. And I couldn’t agree more that our personal social media is often composed of “smoke and mirrors”.

You could find David Drebin works on www.daviddrebin.comwww.facebook.com/daviddrebinofficial / Instagram @daviddrebinofficial.
“Smoke & Mirrors” exhibition will be on view through September 10th at Only Art Club in Hamburg, https://www.onlyartclub.com.
The book “Love and Lights” published by teNeues will be available in November. 

David Drebin Taxi Lovers, 2011 C-Print, mounted on aluminum © + courtesy David Drebin

David Drebin / Taxi Lovers, 2011/ © courtesy David Drebin

Why do you call your works dreamscapes?

Images are often about fantasies and I love to be a dream weaver and document dreamy destinations worldwide hence “Dreamscapes”.

Which city did you not catch in your dreamscapes, but you badly wish to?


David Drebin Hide and seek, 2013 C-Print, mounted on aluminum © + courtesy David Drebin

David Drebin/ Hide and seek, 2013/ © courtesy David Drebin)

What do you think of yourself: photographer or artist?

Multidisciplinary artist, as we create 5 different art forms including photographs, photo sculptures, lightboxes, Neon Light Installations and Etchings on Glass.

How did you first get involved with art?

I went to Parsons School of Design in New York City for photography and graduated in 1996 and became obsessed with creativity and expressing my imagination.

 David Drebin Balloons over New York, 2016 C-Print, mounted on aluminum © + courtesy David Drebin

David Drebin/Balloons over New York, 2016/ © courtesy David Drebin

What was your first photo you sold? Do you remember the subject of it, the buyer?

When Elton John bought many of my photographs from a show I had at Fahey Klein in LA in 2005, I felt validated at a time when I was not so sure of myself. I knew I had validated myself internally, but this “external” validation was certainly a confidence booster at the time… He bought many of my works that were very diverse, I don’t really remember the images themselves. I was just so thrilled that Elton and others at the show purchased so many works when I was just thrilled to be part of a group exhibition… I wasn’t even thinking about the sales.

Photographies are keepers of memories. What do you think your photos will tell about you, after 50 years?

That I had a fascination with the combination of love and sex in relationships which is often so hard to have both from my experience for a sustained amount of time (smiles).

David Drebin Legs in Berlin, 2009 C-Print, mounted on aluminum © + courtesy David Drebin

David Drebin/ Legs in Berlin, 2009/ © courtesy David Drebin

Female sexuality is a constant theme for you. How the feminine mystique inspires your work?

I love how dangerous love can often be. Love fascinates me especially the concept of “getting together” and “breaking up”. And also the concept of “forever”.

Tell me about “Smoke and Mirrors” – exhibition at The Only Art Club in Hamburg – what is the only thing we should remember when we visit the exhibition?

That was an amazing show with a huge turnout what a night that was. I hope people will remember the title itself and think about their own lives and their own social media and wonder what is real and what isn’t hence “smoke and mirrors”.

David Drebin/ Posers, 2014/ © courtesy David Drebin

David Drebin/ Posers, 2014/ © courtesy David Drebin

What we are going to see in your upcoming book on neon works (that will be launched in September)?

We will be having a show at Camera Work in Berlin which opens on November 16th in conjunction with our new book Love and Lights published by teNeues that will feature all of my art forms (photographs, light boxes, etchings on Glass, Neon Light Installations, Photo Sculptures).

 David Drebin Hotlanta, 2005 C-Print, mounted on aluminum © + courtesy David Drebin

David Drebin / Hotlanta, 2005 / © courtesy David Drebin

About the artist…

New York City-based and globally-acclaimed contemporary artist and photographer, David Drebin is renowned for creating spectacular shots of dazzling subjects. Throughout his career, Drebin has worked with individuals, A-list celebrities, and global powerhouse brands such as Davidoff, Mercedes, American Express, Adidas, MTV, Nike, Sony, and many more. He’s contributed to top publications such as Vanity Fair, The New York Times Magazine, Rolling Stone, GQ, Condé Nast Traveler, National Geographic and ELLE.

David Debrin

David Drebin

In recent years, David’s filmic signature style has evolved into other art forms including lightboxes, neon installations, etching on crystal safire glass, and most recently, the revolutionary “photo sculpture” where he transforms his iconic muses and femme fatales into breathtaking high-definition 3D art masterpieces. Represented by prestigious galleries and collected worldwide, his work has been shown at Art Basel Miami, and in multiple shows and exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Berlin, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Austria, Brussels, Las Vegas, Chicago, Montreal, and Toronto.


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