Helmut Newton exhibition: Pages from the Glossies

If you are in Berlin, you cannot miss the new exhibition at Helmut Newton Foundation, “Helmut Newton: Pages from the Glossies | Greg Gorman: Color Works”. And that’s not only because it exhibits a lot of works of one of the most important photographer – to be precise, more than 230 magazine pags and nearly 500 individual pictures. But also because this is the first time when his amazing shoots are presented as facsimiles of the original magazine pages in which they were published between 1956 and 1998.
(Pictured above – Helmut Newton Queen, 1968 © Helmut Newton Estate; Helmut Newton German Vogue Berlin, 1979 © Helmut Newton Estate)
Therefore, pages from international edition of Vogue, Queen, Elle are brought together; for the first time the Helmut Newton Foundation will present enlargements of the single and double-paged images in Pages from the Glossies (the book, first published by Newton in 1998, republished previous year by Taschen). The images in the exhibition will include the original headlines, page numbers, commentary, and captions from the magazines they originally appeared in.
The reprints of Newton’s fashion shots are chronologically arranged throughout the exhibition spaces. Visitors will recognize not only the changes in the photographer’s visual language over time, but also the shifting role of women in western society since the 1950s.
This comprehensive exhibition of Newton’s work will again be accompanied by the work of another photographer. American photographer Greg Gorman returns as a guest; for this exhibition, June’s Room will feature 25 color portraits made by Gorman of prominent musicians, visual artists, and actors, mostly hailing from the United States, including David Bowie, Grace Jones, Andy Warhol and Julianne Moore.
Helmut Newton: Pages from the Glossies / Greg Gorman: Color Works, until 22nd of May 2016, www.helmutnewton.com.

1_Helmut Newton, French Vogue, Melbourne 1973_copyright Helmut Newton Estate - Kopie

Helmut Newton French Vogue Melbourne, 1973 © Helmut Newton Estate

Helmut Newton French Vogue Melbourne, 1973 © Helmut Newton Estate

Helmut Newton French Vogue Rio, 1962 © Helmut Newton Estate

Photography: courtesy of Helmut Newton Foundation