Sabina (Pop) + Ioana (Iacob) = Glimpse of Her Tees

Feminism and art: there is the best combo these days. And when it comes from two of my favourite artists, it is even better. Sabina Pop and Ioana Iacob have just launched the newest T-shirt collection, Glimpse of Her. 

The T-shirt collection could be purchased from
Sabina Pop – look at her work on Facebook page.
Ioana Iacob –  look at her work on Facebook page . 

sabina pop ioana iacob

I met Sabina last year, and I fell in love with her colourful designs. And I knew, from the first look of the sketches, that I would love the Glimpse of Her collection, made in collaboration with Ioana Iacob, the talented artist from Cluj-Napoca, just as much.

For the collection, the designer used as an inspiration point the 60s artists, as well as the abundance of colours and prints. A little bit of Pop-Art techniques, a dash of nowadays feminism issues. And that was perfect for the artist Ioana Iacob, while she’s trying to put into images the problematics of feminine sexuality. Sometimes tough, sometimes delicate, sometimes using fetishes, the sketches on the T-shirts are, for sure, to catch the eyes.

sabina pop ioana iacob T shirt collection


A glimpse of me: the interview with the designer Sabina Pop

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