Scarf bar challenge: Burberry knows better

There’s nothing more annoying that, once you get out of the house, happy and proud with your latest fashion acquisition, to encounter a colleague wearing the same thing, don’t you think? What can I do to avoid that? Customization, that’s the answer. And indeed, luxury fashion houses started to offer their customers the choice of being different.
An Burberry did it, too: yes, the “classical” checked pattern isn’t everybody mark anymore. This season, the classical trench signed by the iconic English fashion house has the perfect companion: the cashmere scarf… with a twist. Or I could say, with a monogram. That is because, a celebration of the heritage house’s cashmere scarves, there is a Scarf Bar in every Burberry store worldwide, offering customers the chance to create their own unique design. In consultation with Scarf Bar experts, customers can unleash their inner designer, choosing from over 30 different colors and print combinations and personalizing their design with a three-letter monogram. Control over both font size and thread color too means there’s over 7,000 options to choose from, so it’s almost impossible for my Burberry scarf to be similar to the fashionista next door!
Once designed via the in-store technology, scarves are made and personalized in the UK, woven from 100 per cent cashmere on traditional looms in the Scottish towns of Elgin and Ayr, and delivered between two days and three weeks later. Unable to make it to a store? The Scarf Bar operates virtually via Burberry’s website, too (

burberry scarf2

There is more: the British brand launched also a bunch a short movies which offer the customers suggestions about styling the classic scarf signed Burberry. I let myself inspired by them. You can do that, too, and, until the middle of January, you can accept the challenge of Burberry store from Bucharest. Post your own version of scarf styling, add #howtotieascarf and #burberryluterana4 tags, Like Facebook page British Luxury and „follow” Instagram @britishluxury account and you could win a cashmere scarf.

burberry scarf3

Photo: Burberry

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