Wear your chaos: interview with the designer of Chaotic brand

Mirela Neguț is warm and friendly. We smiled, we tried clothes, we talked about everything, from cats to couture, from TV news to fashion schools. And mostly, about her business, Chaotic.

Versiunea în LIMBA ROMÂNĂ a interviului – AICI. 

Chaotic designs could be discovered in Molecule F Concept Store, Promenada Mall, on www.chaotic.ro and on www.molecule-f.com.

chaotic detail

Why Chaotic?
Because I, somehow, like chaos, I never liked to fit into some patterns, standards, rules. I like to explore things, look at them differently and search meaning in chaos.

Your first encounter with the fashion world was… 
I have always been a fashion lover, I always liked combining textures and colors and patterns and create my own style, but I only got the courage to take my style out in the world recently. My friends have encouraged me for years to do something with my creativity and curiosity for fashion and finally Chaotic was born.

chaotic mirror

The first piece you made for Chaotic brand was… 

The fabrics you love to work with are… 
I think there is something interesting in most fabrics, I can’t choose a favourite one. That is why my first collection is a combination of multiple fabrics, I like to experiment.

chaotic panou

The 5 old school items that will always inspire you are…
… corsets, clutches, oversized rings.

If you would have endless resources, the perfect Chaotic collection would be…. (theme, music, fabrics, city to be presented in…) 
I have big dreams, but I also like to be realistic and do the most I can with the resources I have. I like extravagant and eclectic looks, but I think I don’t need to be in Paris or New York to make my dream come true. My first collection is already a great accomplishment for me and I am going to let things flow in the natural direction.

chaotic metallic dress

The biggest challenge for a designer nowadays is…
I think designers face different challenges. For me, at the moment, the biggest challenge is to build Chaotic as I imagine it: a powerful, innovative and appreciated brand.

We need fashion in our life because… 
Because it has the power to rebuild people’s trust and help them express themselves as they truly are. This is how I have always seen fashion and this is the principle behind Chaotic – to empower women and make them feel good about themselves.

chaotic chains

What is next? 
A lot of ideas, a lot of work, a lot of growing.

About Mirela we should know…
I never settle.

chaotic mirela negut

Mirela Neguț & Alina Aliman

Photography: Daniel Păduraru


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