Jewellery Wonderland: meet Moogu!

Every time I look for a new piece of jewellery, I know for sure some things: it should be big. And bold. And it has to have a certain emotion incapsulated in its spirit. And all the Andreea Mogoșanu’s jewelley (Moogu) as I have seen when I entered her showroom, fullfill all the terms. Therefore, I coudn’t stop asking her a lot of things about jewellery market, about the inspiration sources and next plans.


“I will present some of the jewellery in London, at the Fair Trade, in February, and I’ve already made some deals with some concept stores in Berlin”, said Andreea, while I was looking, fascinated, at a big pendant with a rabbit’s head. “Yes, I know you will like it as a ring, but it is big and quite heavy”, she told me with a smile. “That is a problem. I had a lot of buyers interested in my pieces, but all of them have suggested me to make them a little bit smaller.” Yes, she got me right: I am a fan of enormous bling-blings (even I do not wear them so often). And, looking at mutton heads, crow skulls and rabbit heads rings… I felt like I slipped my way to the Wonderland. And, because I coudn’t miss the chance, I asked Andreea some things about her and the jewellery she makes.


Andreea Mogoșanu & Alina Aliman

Who are you? When and how this brand story started?
My name is Andreea and my friends are calling me Mogu. I started my professional path as an art director. And this jewellery brand begun with a passion for big jewellery pieces. Very soon, this passion was transforrmed in business.
Do you remember your first sketch? Your first piece? How were they?
Yes, I remember that my first piece of jewellery: it was a pair of earrings made form perspex. They were really cool, in geometric shape with a mix of green and black perspex. I was so proud, finally I was wearing what I was looking for such a long time.
What inspires you when you think to design a new piece?
Life. Memories, thoughts, people, friends, nature. Everything that touches me and makes me feel life.
How many hours do you work for a single piece of jewellery?
It depends on the complexity of the jewellery piece. There are pieces that I can work for 4 hours and other pieces that I can work for a few days.
Why did you choose for Autor – and for this collection – the animals as the source of inspiration?
The idea was to make a collection based on taxidermy and the beauty of animals even if they are dead (only by natural causes). But unfortunately, a taxidermy jewellery collection for Romania is too much. This idea of taxidermy transgresses the conceptual approach of the collection, but without leading to the final act of death and, rather underlining the power of life in its wild understanding; life in the wilderness has the natural advantages of elegance, action and strength.
The bestseller piece so far? Why do you think it is this one?
The fingerprint pieces. Why? Because, symbolistic speaking, the fingerprint is very powerful.
What you are have in mind for the next collection?
Fruits! Because I don’t eat fruits!
If you would have unlimited resources and possibilities, how do you imagine your perfect collection? The concept, the materials, the place to be presented, the city etc…
Taxidermy Collection – and it would be a manifest against killing animals. A form of revolt shown in a conceptual form of art. And the place to be presented would be London or New York.
Τhe biggest challenge as a designer right now is…
To find the perfect forms, concepts for jewellery between art, fashion and commercial jewellery.
We can find your pieces in… online shops:, and in stores: Moogu’s Showroom – 4 Brezoianu street, 2nd floor, appartment 4; Molecule-F – Promenda Mall; Band Of Creators.


Flash Q&A
Style is… minimal, mixed between geometric and organic.
Your all times favorite designer… Karl Fritz.
Your shopping secret address… little concept stores.
Your favorite music for inspiration… soundcloud.



Photography: Dan Garcea / Bizmark

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