For a sustainable and innovative future of fashion in Timișoara: the collections of MDVTM 2023

It was pretty hard to decide a short list of favourites. Because I put on my notes, during the gala Timișoara Fashion School, West University (MDVTM) 2023, at least 6 or 7 collection that I liked (and I wanted to take them for pictures and meet the young designers behind them). I just loved that most of all put upfront sustainability, upcycling and recycling. I adored the use of more and more traditional and natural fabrics (cotton, raw linen, wool). And I really enjoyed the mix (a perfect one) between old and new, between memories and present tense, between personal emotions and big contemporary issues of today’ society. For a sustainable and innovative future of fashion: here they are, the collections of MDVTM 2023.  

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You can follow thier collections and projects on Instagram @mdvtm.uvt. MDVTM Fashion School Timișoara 2023 Gala included 22 collections – 8 M.A. & 14 B.A. 

What did I like…

First, the entire collection of Gabriela Baboș – Vineri 13. Yes, maybe because it was about Friday 13 :0 but also because the entire collection was very fluent and well put together. She used traditional cotton linen for the jumpsuits and a traditional way of making the colourful rugs (and parts of rugs) – tufting art – that appeared on coats, backpack and even on boots. Stay tuned – soon here an interview with the designer. 

Gabriela Baboș – Vineri 13
Gabriela Baboș – Vineri 13

I admired the work and the idea behind Alexandra Crista – Alternative Reality – collection. The patches of soda cans, reused materials from constructions sites, deadstock fabrics – they all imagined a very cool collection, with a cyberpunk vibe, tat draws our attention to the consumerism issue, pollution and the future of the planet. 

Alexandra Crista – Alternative Reality
Alexandra Crista – Alternative Reality

Mario Birdean – The Memory of Something I Have Seen – it was a collection with an emotional story. The clothes carry traces of past experiences, the memories of people that we have loved and lost. Deconstructed and transformed, put in a contemporary frame. Soon, some more pictures with this collection on @alinaaliman account. 

Mario Birdean – The Memory of Something I Have Seen

Erin Beatrice Gregor – Connecting to… – impressed me with the story of those little painting on the fabric (images taken by herself into the mountains, printed on some beautiful natural cotton). The pieces of the connection speak about the connection between us, between past and future. Soon, some more pictures with this collection on @alinaaliman account. 

Erin Beatrice Gregor – Connecting to…

Emma Năstase – Cornutele – it was a collection that surprised us all. From the music to some very traditional elements (inspired of an ancient ritual in Romanian villages – the Goat Dance) – a combination between old and new, between than and now. The clothes are 90% biodegradable and 10% recycled. 

Emma Năstase – Cornutele
Emma Năstase – Cornutele

Teodora Dolga – Dragostea ține cât florile de cireș – from tradition Romanian pieces to some modern cuts, from exaggerated sleeves to some poetical prints. I live the choice of fabrics (all naturals and crafted in traditional ways), the delicacy of the prints and the whole vibe. Stay tuned – soon here an interview with the designer.

Teodora Dolga – Dragostea ține cât florile de cireș

Big congrats to all the students and their coordinators – Lect.Univ.Dr. Cristina Lazăr, Lect. Univ.Dr. Sandra Chira, Lect. Asoc. Dr. Corina Mutu, Conf, Univ. Dr. Andreea Palade, Lect. Univ. Dr. Eugenia Riemschneider. 

I admired the details of Adelina Cîrstea collection – Unbreakable Fragility – a collection dedicated to women’s independence and the quest of finding the right balance between gender rules.

Adelina Cîrstea collection – Unbreakable Fragility

Ana-Maria Capraru presented a dreamy collection – Daydreamer – with soft layerings, nice prints and neutral tones – one that took us into the Danube landscape. 

Ana-Maria Capraru – Daydreamer

Andrea Kovács – Bring the Vibe – rock, goth, powerful outfits, an out of the box layerings, a lot of leather, metallic staples and chains and a very strong attitude. 

Andrea Kovács – Bring the Vibe

Andreea Țigriș – Summer Time – a very happy collection, that made me instantly thinking of summer and holidays somewhere on Italian coast. I liked the Art Deco & Avantgarde painting influence on those outfits. 

Andreea Țigriș – Summer Time

Cristina Olaru – Ballin’ – another kind of sport collection. The ready-to wear outfits reminded me of high-school breaks on the basketball court. 

Cristina Olaru – Ballin’

Denisa Țărcuș – Renim – another collections that speaks about recycling and the damage that compulsive shopping could do to the world. In her collections, old pairs of jeans find their way to new pieces, perfect for the world we are living in.

Denisa Țărcuș – Renim

Georgiana Panescu – Heart Moss – it is a collection manifest that protest agains exploitation of resources and humans. I liked the natural fabrics, the knittings, the collages and the layerings of neutrals. 

Georgiana Panescu – Heart Moss

Octavian Grancea – nO Mask – It was a collection that caught my eyes even from the backstage. I loved the combo between electric blue and soft beige, the asymmetrical details and the unity of it. 

Octavian Grancea – nO Mask

Iuliana-Edith Greskó – Burtonesque Space – the collection was a homage to Tim Burton, the one and only eccentric director and his fantastic world. Cinematic details, goth influences, magic effects. 

Iuliana-Edith Greskó – Burtonesque Space

Magdalena Buzdugan -Traces of Living – power and vulnerability in feminine universe. Nice to see hand-made prints (with natural pigments from flowers and plants) and delicate embroideries inspired by a rustic Mediterranean landscape. 

Magdalena Buzdugan -Traces of Living

Andrada Negru – Unknown – it is “the butterfly effect” translated into clothes. Any small decision can have hurricane-size effects and the future, as the present itself, lays in us, every moment. 

Andrada Negru – Unknown

Timeea-Nicol Nitsu – Fly from a wingless reality – from the butterfly and its journey in continuing transformation, the collections is about our every day self-discovery, about emotions. 

Timeea-Nicol Nitsu – Fly from a wingless reality

Miruna Petrescu – Speechless – loved the pleats and the monochrome vibe. And the designer reminded us a bit of Wabi Sabi philosophy – everything, including us and life itself, is incomplete, imperfect and  are not lasting forever. 

Timeea-Nicol Nitsu – Fly from a wingless reality

Sorina Chira – Desiderio – a collection about our childhood memories, about fairytales and fantastic characters. I liked the details and the colours. 

Sorina Chira – Desiderio

Ștefania Ciudin – Olympus in Motion – a homage to ancient Greece and its fantastic mythology. Loved the fabric layerings, the fluidity and the mythic signs incorporated into the outfits. 

Ștefania Ciudin – Olympus in Motion

Dara Țoțin – La Femme Fatale – about feminity and seduction, about senzuality and a contemporary manifesto. About a strong woman. 

Dara Țoțin – La Femme Fatale

The MDVTM Gala 2023 took place at Iulius Town Timișoara – @iuliustowntimisoara.

Photography: Casandra Contora @photoby.casandrasy & @petre_silasi -Petre Silasi.