A glimpse of me: the interview with the designer Sabina Pop

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The 60s, feminism, art, fur, chromatic blocks, contemporary art, freedom, emancipation, geometry, gender, guerrilla movements: these are the word that Sabina Pop put in the description of her master collection, presented at UAD Gala 2016. I had a great fun with Sabina in a sunny afternoon, in Cluj. An we talked about must-have items and fashion today.

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Sabina Pop – look at her work on Facebook page.

What was the inspiration for the collection presented at UAD Gala 2016?

The starting point was, for “A Glimpse of Her”, the feminist artists’ work and their contribution to the contemporary art in the 60s. The name “A Glimpse of Her” captured this concept and this spirit and points directly to the central character of the story: the woman and her role in the art world.

How many sketch books have you throw until the collection had its final look?

To many to be counted.

What was the hardest thing during the process?

The hardest part was to transform the sketches into the final products.

Old school items that will always inspire you?

Bomber jackets, that I have discovered in Steve McQueen or Tony Kaye movies or in films like The Hunter and American History X. These jackets are now must-have pieces, not just military utility items. Especially when it was associated with the punk movement in the 60s and transformed to fit into the subcultures of these era.

What’s next?

The PhD diploma and more and more contemporary fashion studies.

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Style is… beyond any attitude.
Fashion will never be… indulgent.
Fashion icon… Yayoi Kusama.
The most extravagant thing you wish to design… clothes with no stitches.
Who are you? In 3 words… I cannot define myself only in 3 worlds (laugh).

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Alina Aliman & Sabina Pop

Photography: Francisc Sandor / Francisc Photographer 


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