korsun collection fall winter 1718

Fly high with Korsun collection – meet the designer

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Silk skirts and tunics, shaped cotton shirts, embroidery and… a lot of birds. That I have seen, at a first glance, in the Korsun Fall/Winter 2017/2018 collection. And of course, a lot of blue shades and infinite whites – really, should I have one more reason to like the items? And because nothing speaks better for freedom and souls than a bird (or a lot of them) I wanted to talk with the designer behind the brand, Katrine Korsun.

korsun fall winter 2017 2018

The Korsun collections could be seen on http://korsun.com/en/ and on Facebook page. 

Brand KORSUN continues with the theme of lightness, femininity, and ease, in its collection FW 17/18.

collection korsun fw1718

collection korsun fall winter 2017 2018

All the birds in this F/W collection are here because… 

… bird is a symbol of freedom and soul, and KORSUN woman is always free and sincere.

The first encounter with the fashion world was… 

… on 14th of October, 2013 – the official date of launching the brand. The date of opening was carefully picked by me and astrologer, as I really believe in these things.

The hardest thing for a designer nowadays is… 

… to sell the product after you produce it and make people love it.

In my opinion, the outfit of tomorrow will consist in… 

… very comfy, light, easy pieces.

The icon pieces that will always exist in Korsun collection are… 

… elegant outerwear – coats and parkas, feminine midi dresses in the style of 50s, and comfortable items – T-shirts and sweatshirts.

collection korsun fall winter 2017 2018

korsun fall winter 1718

I would wear my designs… 


The remedy for a inspiration gap would be… 

… books and films, especially the film Braveheart which I can watch many many times.

The next collection will be… 

… inspired by the Spanish artist Mercedes Lagunas, whose art is very close to Korsun’s aesthetics.

Fashion would never be… 

… stopped.

Korsun pieces could be found… 

… in Spain, Russia, Italy, Great Britain, and USA.

katrine korsun

Katrine Korsun

Note – The hallmark of the collection is using the high-tech fabrics and manufacture, which allowed to introduce a new and unique method of manufacture – “craque”, giving the possibility to modify print in production. Experiments with neoprene embodied in the creation of hoodies, dresses, costumes offering a face layer which is covered with wool, depriving you of the chance to feel cold.

Photography: (c) Korsun


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