A brand to watch: OTTOLINGER

First, I saw their presentation for the fall/winter 2016/2017 season, and I was impressed by the cool setup (I couldn’t believe at that moment that everything is happening just few meters away from the press rooms in Palais de Tokyo). This season, Ottolinger brand (because that’s the name I am talking about) surprised me again, with a totally unconventional show on Seine. For their fifth collection, Ottolinger continue their signatures techniques: holes burned by a blowtorch, cut and knotted fabric, dramatically frayed fabrics.

Ottolinger – the collection could be seen here – http://www.ottolinger.com 

ottolinger ss2018

About the collection – Spring/Summer 2018. Renowned for their Alpine-Punk-Couture aesthetic, this season the Berlin-based Swiss design duo Bösch and Gadient incorporate a number of elements from their homeland creating a playful reference to their Swiss heritage  like using: traditional Swiss edelweiss printed fabrics, handcrafted leather belts with engraved silver monogram, stringing and weaving Goldvreneli coins – a folkloric token of good fortune – as accessories.

ottolinger 2018 ss

About the brand – Ottolinger (nominated recently on the New York Times list of designers to watch) is the brand founded by Christa Bösch & Cosima Gadient. They met while studying at The Institute of Fashion Design in Basel, Switzerland. After graduation, the duo moved to Berlin to start their label. They showcased their first collection in London in September 2015 — the next season, they were selected to be a part of the VFiles runway show in New York, where they showed pieces that included denim chaps and white-button downs with all over burn marks.

ottolinger collection ss2018

Photography: (c) Ottolinger


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