Add more lipstick: the new Rouge Coco Bloom by CHANEL is here

Chic, unique, shinning: the new collection of lipsticks Rouge Coco Bloom by CHANEL is here for us to enjoy. And its coming with a new clear lid, some technical innovation in terms of the formula and 20 beautiful shades to choose from.  

The new lipsticks Rouge Coco Bloom by CHANEL are available from April 2021 in stores. Look for them in Chanel Fragrance & Beauty Concept (Baneasa Shopping City) (, 

The first look…

… reveals us the beautiful new shades and the intense glow. And that is because the Rouge Coco Bloom lipsticks come with a clear lid from where you can see in a second if it’s the shade you want to try. Then, admire the elegant silver ring and prepare to be surprised by how slowly the stick rotates. Thirdly, notice the texture, smooth and comfortable – you only need a single layer for a intense and luminous colour. 

The technical innovation… 

… has started in 2016, when CHANEL Research Laboratory based in Japan took on the challenge to combine colour, lasting-hold and shine in a single formula. After working hand in hand for three years with the Paris Laboratory, and over 140 tests later, CHANEL Research has come up with an exclusive, two-phase technology: the first phase secures the colour, the second produces an ultra-shiny plumping effect.

The colours… 

… are no less than 20 shades, all developed by the Chanel Makeup Creation Studio. 

  • ALIVE – a classic yet surprising red with a subtle rust undertone that gives it warmth and character. 
  • RADIANT – a romantic, mauve-tinted reinterpretation of universal rosewood. 
  • MERVEILLE – a soft, natural, delicate shade of dusky rose. 
  • SEASON – a bright, warm fuchsia that evokes summer euphoria. 
  • SUNLIGHT – an orange with terracotta tones, ideal for getting into a good mood and enhancing the complexion while staying natural. 
  • VITALITY – a chic, powerful red to assert your personality. 
  • UNEXPECTED – a deep brownish red full of depth and character, warmer than a classic burgundy. 
  • SURPRISE – a vibrant plum with red undertones. 

Photography: (c) CHANEL 


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