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He’s just a smile and a big heart. And, when we met, in a rainy morning after Timișoara Fashion School Gala, for the pictures, he was worried that he missed a deadline for a project with… a couple of hours. “I take all the things seriously and I will try to do my best with the next collection and with the master degree”, Ionuț Piscureanu told me, at a talk over a coffee (Ovride coffe shop, thanks for having us, it was awesome!). Ionuț (everybody call him Pif) already did his best, with the “The Label. XX(X)I Century. Memories from the future” collection, where the 3D labels, the QR codes, the transparent plexiglas, the bands, the layers have constructed 6 looks that reminded me of Moncler show this spring. “My project was about the consumerism – no pros or cons for the trend – and I tried to create a character that could be live in a today world or in the future years.”

Ionut Piscureanu detail

Ionuț Piscureanu designs can be found on Instagram @pifstephano.
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Ionut Piscureanu

Ionut Piscureanu back details

Your journey in the fashion world has started with… my desire to pursue something that I will be willing to make any effort to succeed.

Your graduation collection is about… the label and social consumerism.

The headline in a newspaper about your collection would be… “Memories form the future and other situations”.

The hardest moment as the young designer was, until now… The first steps of fashion design were the hardest but the wish to succeed helped me concentrate and study hard.

The ultimate fashion icon for you is… Cara Delevingne.

You would like your signature look (piece) to be, in the future… conceptual and complex pieces.

 On your moodboard I can find (a city / a classic movie / a piece of art)… Florence; Harry Potter; the works of Yayoi Kusama.

The designer you would like to ask for a coffee and a piece of advice… John Galliano.

What is next for you? Promoting my graduation collection and getting my masters degree.

designer ionut piscureanu

ionut piscureanu TM collection

ionut piscureanu designer TM

Ionut PIscureanu details

Ionut Piscureanu Alina Aliman TM

Ionuț Piscureanu & Alina Aliman

Photography: Bogdan Marchevca – FOLLOW HIM ON FACEBOOK 


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