The West Wing: the new generation of designers from Timișoara Fashion School

Shapes that looked like supernatural creatures, bold colours, Asian inspiration, architectural constructions, messages about our chaotic world, dancing performances and a lot of contemporary problems (standardisation, globalisation, violence, identity) transported through the fashion eyes – this was the summary of 2018 graduates collections from Timișoara Fashion School, West University (MDVTM). 19 collections, 19 visions – the new generation of Timișoara Fashion School designers is pretty good. (Foto up – Carina Bălan in “MyCelium”)

Add to that dozens of hours working on the pieces, hundreds of smiles and tears, sketches, long researches for the perfect fabrics and the best tailors in town, hours of preparations and a pile of enthusiasm. Keep an eye on them: they still have something more to prove.

ionut piscureanu collection

Ionuț Piscureanu – The Label. Secolul XX(X)I. Amintiri din viitor

What did I like? Well, there were some very good collection. There were some collections with good idea, good execution but too… reasonable, lacking that small drop of craziness to take them out of the crowd.

I loved Ionuț Piscureanu collection “The Label. Secolul XX(X)I. Amintiri din viitor” (not just me, but the awards went also to him) – stay tuned to read the interview and to see the beautiful pictures taken in a rainy day in Timișoara. I admired the bold collection of Alex Ghencea, full o bright pink and glitter, “Bald Barbie” (keep an eye on for a nice shooting with him and his happy collection). I liked a lot the jackets with an Asian touch from Cezar Iulian Ștefan “Shinobi” collection, the shapes of Carina Bălan in “MyCelium” collection, the message within “Asmathic” collection of Mihaela Nan, the white oversized skirt of Niculina Tătucu in “Keep it essential / not complicated” and the excellent performance of sleeping and every day reality of Andreea Micle, “Human, interrupted”.

alex ghencea collection

Alexandru Ghencea – Bald Barbie

alina ioana ivanescu collection

Alina Ioana Ivănescu – The Origin

ana alexandra dumbraveanu collection

Ana Alexandra Dumbrăveanu – Dress-up with make-up

ana maria dumitru collection

Ana Maria Dumitru – Romance on the moon

cezar iulian stefan collection

Cezar Iulian Ștefan – Shinobi

andreea micle collection

Andreea Micle – Human, interrupted

catalina juravle collection

Cătălina Juravle Nagy – Second-use

daiana denisa mezin collection

Daiana Denisa Mezin – Îmbrăcăminte pentru trupuri solidare

diana francesca ties collection

Diana Francesca Ties – sHE

makai melinda collection

Makai Melinda – Călător în astral

dora nagy collection

Dora Nagy De(e)p end

florina ilie collection

Florina Ilie – Up to me

mihaela nan collection

Mihaela Nan – Asthmatic

niculina tatucu collection

Niculina Tătucu -Keep it essential / not complicated

roxana madalina orbulescu collection

Roxana Mădălina Orbulescu – Fragile

tatiana maria vlaicu collection

Tatiana Maria Vlaicu – Cine-i cine?

vladiana barbu collection

Vladiana Barbu – Feminite

Collections were coordinated by conf. dr. Andreea Palade-Flondor, lect. dr. Cristina Lazăr, lect. asoc. dr. Corina Mutu, asist. dr. Sandra Suciu Chira. MDVTM Gala – Timișoara Fashion School took place at Timișoara National Theatre.

Photography: Alin Puichiță


My Lady Gaga moment from Alexandru Manuel Pop collection 

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