My Lady Gaga moment from Alexandru Manuel Pop collection 

When you are dressed like Lady Gaga at 10 o’clock in the morning in a hotel lobby and, instead of ironical smiles you get some paparazzi snapshots from editors, journalists and blogger friends… that means, for sure, that something went good with your outfit. And this also means that the clothes seen a night before on the catwalk at UAD Gala 2018 (signed Alexandru Manuel Pop) have their share of applauses in the real life, as well.


alexandru manuel pop collection 2018

Alexandru Manuel Pop (he is the designer of the gorgeous outfit I wore) could have stayed on the scene for the entire ceremony. And that is because his graduation collection, “The virAGOs”, won a lot the awards. “I worked a lot for this collection. Every detail, every stitch, every piece encapsulate a lot of work”, says the young designer Alexandru Manuel Pop. But the effort worths, the clothes were amazing. On the other hand, honestly, the star life is not for me: too many flashlights and too many high heels. I would rather have my pencil and my paper (virtually speaking) and those special moments where I discover, along with a young designer, which things motivate him, what drive him. And especially I would love to discover him, after some years, that he left a serious mark on Romanian fashion scene.

alexandru manuel pop viragos

We could find Alexandru Manuel Pop on instagram @alexandrumanuelpop & on Facebook @Alexandru Manuel Pop. 
Soon, his designs will be available on (he is the winner of Molecule-F award of UAD GALA 2018). 
About UAD Fashion Design 2018 GALA –

alexandru manuel pop details

alexandru manuel pop cluj details

alexandru manuel pop details gala uad 2018

Your journey in the fashion world has started with… me discovering Lady Gaga’s music.

Your graduation collection is about… the feminist movement.

The headline (in a newspaper, a magazine) about your collection could be… “Fashion with a purpose”.

The hardest moment as the young designer was, until now… constantly trying to outdo my previous work and proving I am serious about this career choice.

The ultimate fashion icons for you is… Lady Gaga & Grace Jones.

alexandru manuel pop 2018 gala UAD

You would like your signature look (piece) to be, in the future… detailed & structured pieces.

On your moodboard I can find… New York or London, Funny Face and something from Pablo Picasso or Salvador Dali, they are probably my favourites.

The designer you would like to ask for a coffee and a piece of advice would be… Alexander McQueen.

What is next for you? Continuing developing and promoting the “The virAGOs” collection and getting my masters degree in fashion design.

alexandru manuel pop UAD 2018

viragos alexandru manuel pop

alina aliman alexandru manuel pop

Alina Aliman & Alexandru Manuel Pop

Photography: Paul Țuț (Paul Photograhy). Many thanks UAD GALA / Lucian Broscățean.

Many thanks to hotel Platinia,


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