Superbags – signature Yves Anais wooden handbags – interview with designer

The perfect detail makes a perfect outfit. The beautiful finishing makes a wooden bag to be the most precious thing that anybody could have in the wardrobe. In a sunny winter morning, I talked to Adriana Man about the long journey of a piece of wood that should be transformed into a handbag, about textures and differences between types of woods (I loved the walnut one) and about future plans for her brand, Yves Anais.

Yves Anais bags

Yves Anais bags are available in Molecule-F ( and Molecule-F store in Promenada Mall, and they will soon be available on

Yves Anais bag

Why did you choose to make handbags?

It was rather a research that started in my childhood, when I use to draw all neighbours from the  building we lived in, to tailor clothes for my dolls, then I started to draw dress patterns for my girlfriends, and later I tried glass painting. I have never stopped wishing more, besides my profession and my jobs. I was keen to create something unique. The click happened in 2016, when I’ve realised that I wanted to create a brand that would have a sophisticated name, why not French, so I made up Yves Anais. That name I’ve planned to associate this brand with a female accessory. And what did I love most? Handbags and shoes.

Yves Anais collection

Why wood?

I was looking for “the YA bag” to be different, unique, alive, in harmony with the human personality. That’s how I chose wood. We can call it “human’s best friend,” and it always accompanies us during our whole life. Each of us is unique, different, think differently; we live differently. We are part of nature, from the infinite universe, we are energy.

With a sturdy structure and a distinct natural finish, I’ve created an inspirational, intriguing object through its simple beauty, emphasising each time the natural fibre of the wood, the finesse, the hardness, the heat that vibrates with us.

The Yves Anais concept speaks of character and attitude, finding a form of expression through the rough nature of wood. The collection takes the human dimension into the sphere of nature that evokes its force. Just like the wood that gains beauty with the passage of time, human personality refines itself with time, gaining value and mystery. Each YA bag carries a name with a personalised inspiration from the symbolism of the wood from which it was created.

Yves Anais wooden bags collection

Your passion for wooden bags begun with… 

Looking at the beauty of a violin and the musical stories it creates, I realised that wood is the material we were looking for “The BAG”.

The biggest challenge when you started the business was…

The greatest challenge was to harmonise materials, combine them, find the right proportion of the YA.

Yves Anais wood

The biggest compliment ever received about Yves Anais bags was…

This looks like a royal bag.

If you would have infinite resources, your next bag collection would look as follows…

I have some ideas, but I want to be a surprise when it will be revealed.

bag Yves Anais

The perfect opportunity to wear a wooden bag would be, in your opinion…

It’s a versatile accessory that can be worn at any outfit. It suits both a street-style outfit or an ethereal dress made from silk. We can carry it both at a busy, corporate event, at a romantic evening or at a business meeting.

What’s next?

YA bags are available in Molecule-F and will soon be available on our own website,

wooden bags Yves Anais

Yves Anais walnut bag

Black & White or Colours? I find myself in colours.

Haute couture or street style? Street-style combined with glamorous accessories.

Morning person or night hawk? Morning person.

Number of handbags in your wardrobe… 🙂 10 -15.

Adriana Man Yves Anais

Adriana Man – Yves Anais

Photography: Daniel Păduraru


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