The guardian of my skin: Chanel UV Essentiel

The days on the beach aren’t over yet for me. And nor the effect of sun rays on my skin. Therefore, I had to find out the product that will defend my skin as a superhero in Marvel movies will do. So I’ll try the Chanel UV Essential.

Chanel UV Essential is for sale in … Chanel Fragrance & Beauty Concept Store, in Baneasa Shopping City. (

chanel UV essentiel

Of course I could have a sunscreen mist on my face and body no matter if I am on the beach or in a hot city. But, again, why don’t I try a superstar? And there are some reasons to do that because…

  • Chanel UV Essential product comes in two versions: with SPF 30 or SPF 50.
  • The product has also UV Pollution protection.
  • Chanel relies on a scientific breakthrough demonstrating that skin has the innate ability to adapt to external stressors (sun, pollution etc.), to protect itself and preserve its natural beauty, thanks to the discovery of exceptional proteins called SPRRs*.
  • Chanel UV ESSENTIEL can adapt to the intensity of external stressors. It stimulates the skin’s natural protective power for tailor-made daily defence that perfectly adapts to each woman’s individual needs, based on her lifestyle, skin type, climate and changes in season.
  • UV ESSENTIEL is resistant to heat and brings a sensation of freshness and moisture.
  • Forming a totally imperceptible high-protection barrier on the skin after application, it leaves a luminous matte finish.



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