St Petersburg Tales: the short trip

I just found out, on a shelf, the original St Petersburg Tales book. And I suddenly remembered that summer, a few years ago, when the Russian city was my host for few days. What to see, what to discover in St Petersburg? Well, I only can tell how to feel the city vibe while you arrive there.

St Petersburg was, at least for me, as a gigantic box of candies. I was thrilled by the beautiful architecture of the city, I was amazed by its Summer Gardens, I was eager to discover all the streets alongside channels and I was happily resting on a coffee shop, looking at the priceless white nights in the (probably) the most beautiful Russian city.

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Playing as a tourist, I had to see, first, The Hermitage. Well, it’s quite impressive (over three million items, only a fraction of which are on display in 360 rooms) and, standing in the square in front of it, I had the feeling I am looking at a postcard. Beautiful outside, even better on the inside, make a stop here if you have just one day to spend in the city ( 

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The next stops: Grand Palace, with it superb architecture, Kazan Cathedral, then Mariinsky Theatre ( for tickets), Peter & Paul Fortress (housing a cathedral where the Romanovs are buried, a former prison and various exhibitions, this large defensive fortress is on Zayachy Island) and the incredible five-domed St Petersburg’s most elaborate church with a classic Russian Orthodox exterior, and an interior decorated with some 7000 sq m of mosaics, the Church of the Resurrection of Christ.

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Playing as a wanderer. There is no better city to be lost in the summer than St Petersburg. Despite what everybody woudl think about a Russian city, this one can be pretty hot in the summer time. Luckily, the many channels on which I could travel by a pretty boat. Actually, to have an idea, there are 342 bridges in total, 13 of which are movable. White Nights Festival, a local arts festival held during the season of the midnight sun, in conjunction with the romance of drawbridges, is an unforgettable sight you can see only in St. Petersburg.

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And the city has its parks: Summer Garden (Letniy Sad) is my favourite, from far. It was established in 1704 and is one of the most fascinating places in St Petersburg. This 12 hectare area, with a strict geometric layout of alleys, is situated along the embankment of the Neva river.

And, believe it or not, St Petersburg has a beach. Yep, you read it right, a pretty beach, over Neva, on Vasilievsky Island. After that, leave for a minute the classical paths and try the Art Center Pushkinskaya 10 ( the alternative art centre – un underground spot for art, painting, graphic, books, music.

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Playing as a gourmet lover. I used to love Russian food (well, in my childhood I didn’t know that my mother cooking is from Russian cusine). So, blini, beetroot soup, piroski, I tried them all. In the quest of my culinary memories, I tries, in St Petersburg, a lot. From Dostoevsky restaurant (located in the historical centre of the city where this great Russian writer lived for a while), with its glamour and style ( to Cafe Singer (the local situated in beautiful art nouveau building – and Biblioteka, a hipster place, not a simply coffee house, but a restaurant, a bakery, flower shop, bar and a book store ( No, I didn’t try a vodka bar, but rumor has it Russian Vodka Room No 1, with 213 different kinds of vodka is the place to taste it (

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