The Fly Walks: perfumes & photographies in an amazing artistic journey

“Photography is incredibly sensorial. One can look at a photograph and imagine how the place smelled, sounded, and felt; we can sometimes even imagine its taste”, the New York based photographer, Andrea Mato, says. And that is a reason strong enough to accompany an extraordinary, wonderful scent with a breathtaking photography. And the basis for the upcoming interesting exhibition in New York, The Fly Walks: photographies by Andrea Mato come along with Attache Moi perfumes, in an exhibition opening on March 31st, on Space240 in New York City. 

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I talked with three wonderful girls from New York – the photographer Andrea Mato, the creative director of perfume brand, Olivia Bransbourg and the show’s curator, Eliot Engelmaier, about this interesting exhibition and the connexion between images word and perfumes and how they can create a whole new world. 

* In the exhibition The Fly Walks there will be exhibited 7 photographs from the artist Andrea Mato: Time Capsule, Untouched Rhomb, Binoculars, Unconsciously Conscious, Among the Weeds, The Other Side, and Morning Rise. 

* Next to these, will be Attache Moi Parfums collection: Attache Moi, Attache Moi 55, It Was a Time That Was a Time and Ici & La. 

* The exhibition – starting from 31st of March, ending 31st of May 2022. 

* The photographs can be purchased, the prints are 24 x 30 inches. Contact for more details. The photographs will also be in the space240 website.

* More here – / / 

 Why this association: perfume and photographs? Does the smell remind you of a place, a memory? I saw, on Attache Moi website, that this one is not the first photo project involving photographs & the perfumes – why is that? 

Andrea Mato – the photographer: Photography is incredibly sensorial. One can look at a photograph and imagine how the place smelled, sounded, and felt; we can sometimes even imagine its taste. The collaboration between Attache Moi Parfums and my photography series The Fly Walks invites you to enter a new space, where both of our works are expanded and, when placed right next to each other, they become a unique experience for a viewer to engage with. 

Olivia Bransbourg – the creative director of perfume brand: It has always been part of ATTACHE MOI’s mission to establish connections over the years with artists, musicians, filmmakers, sculptors and photographers, to offer a different perspective, and narration The signature perfume Attache Moi is an evocative blend of amber, musk, and lush wood tones, an olfactory liqueur invoking the souvenirs of glories undimmed. The scent is a sillage of chypres meeting the golden might of amber and musk trapping love over and under your skin. 

Eliot Engelmaier, the show’s curator: We associate this scent with the firey, fall tones of Untouched Rhomb and Binoculars. These photos, like the scent, invite you to a space of exploration of constant search; we enter an area of scavenging for a deeper connection.     

Untouched Rhomb, 2020 / Binoculars, 2020 

Olivia Bransbourg: Attache Moi 55 is a choreography drawn on silver dust. 55 is the metaphor of a love quest, the sheer expression of a spiral, inspired, vertical tension. 

Eliot Engelmaier: In The Other Side, the silver fence and the wires that protect trespassers correlate with the tension between lovers pursuing their devotion. 

Attache-Moi 55
Morning Rise, 2021 / The Other Side, 2020 

Andrea Mato: Something fascinates us in bringing an industrial photograph and seeing it with something as tender and warm as love. Morning Rise is in conversation with the scent’s jasmine accents that spring-like rays of golden light against a sky of dark notes. In the photograph, we look up at the sky; it invites the viewer to feel hopeful about what is coming.   

Olivia Bransbourg: It Was a Time That Was a Time is filled with the omnipresent blue of skies and seas, infinite wonders here beaming with a heart of immortal and swelling ambergris. 

Attache-Moi – It Was a Time That Was a Time

Andrea Mato: Unconsciously Conscious captures the saturated blue sky on a reflection that keeps us investigating and pondering on the marvels of everyday life. 

Olivia Bransbourg: The perfume has notes of destruction and decay, leather and suede, just as Among the Weeds. 

Andrea Mato: In this photograph, we are found in the space of destruction that somehow by the hazy nature of the reflection and the beam of light on the left top corner, gives us a glimpse into a complicated space— beauty and unseen forms of intimacy. 

Among the Weeds, 2021 Unconsciously Conscious, 2020 

Olivia Bransbourg: Last, Ici & La and Time Capsule engage in a conversation of the fluidity of time, on personal and geographical wanderings. A burst, a bite, and a roar traveling through time and space, cosmic plumes of nutmeg and pimento, and sour hues of frankincense strike like thunder amidst clouds of narcotic flowers. 

Eliot Engelmaier: Time Capsule takes us on a journey. The fuchsia portal serves as an invitation to exploration for the rest of the exhibition. It’s an invitation to a space of uncertainty, one that is waiting to be explored.   

Attache-Moi Ici & La
Time Capsule, 2020

Andrea, your first photography / your first series of photos was about… 

Andrea Mato: My first photographs were probably taken with an old phone using the extreme zoom feature to get close to the objects around me, capturing exciting shapes and colors of mundane life. I had a strong interest in how you can confuse through reflections, unexpected angles, or double exposures and enter a space of uncertainty with a lens. Looking back, I was unconsciously trying to capture and create an alternate world in my photos to what already existed in my surroundings. 

You live in New York. You associate it with… (in terms of smell, visual image, sounds – if we talk here about images and perfumes)? 

When I think of New York, I think of a boisterous, industrial, fast-paced city with a melange of scents due to its cosmopolitan and diverse nature. However, when photographing it, I find other characteristics in the city’s boroughs that seem hidden from the surface-level view of its streets. For instance, in The Fly Walks, I did not only capture harsh industrial photographs but have these paired with tranquility and curiosity, which are also part of the scene in the city, although not as acknowledged. 

About Andrea Mato we should know… 

Andrea Mato is a Venezuelan photographer and visual artist living in Brooklyn who shares personal narratives of exile through depictions of common encounters with the urban landscape. She carefully examines the micro geographies around her, capturing perspectives typically unseen. In creating a parallel visual map, an abstracted delineation of the apparent, Mato grants importance to the mundane. A recent BFA Photography graduate of Parsons School of Design, Andrea Mato’s work has been recognized in C41 Magazine, Photo Vogue Italia, Aint Bad, and the Pupil Sphere. 

About Eliot Engelmaier we should know… 

The exhibition is curated by Eliot Engelmaier, a queer visual artist and writer based in Queens, New York. Their work explores various aspects of the human condition, including but not limited to philosophies of the self, collectivity and interdependency, and the ways in which the outward presentation of identity affects the former.

The photographer Andrea Mato, the creative director of perfume brand, Olivia Bransbourg and the show’s curator, Eliot Engelmaier (from right to left)

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