3 collections I’ve discovered at Paris Fashion Week fall/winter 22/23

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The fall/winter season moment went too fast. And not being in Paris, actually, for this year, made me think about all the pretty things I’ve missed, all the Parisian streets I didn’t wander (and all the croissants I didn’t actually eat 🙂 But well, there is internet and (unfortunately) a tone of info about all of them. Those 3 collection I’ve discovered at Paris Fashion Week for the fall /winter 2022/2023 season had something special to catch my eyes. And that is, as follows… 

  1. The message of Jitrois collection – https://jitrois.com

I didn’t know that the French designer Jean-Claude Jitrois (about his other collection and my encounter with him – here) spent the initial part of his career helping individuals become a stronger more conscious version of themselves in an environment of safety, freedom and honest expression (did you?!). No wonder that, in today’s climate of upheaval, leather couturier Jean-Claude Jitrois wants to take us away on a journey for his Autumn Winter 22-23 collection to a majestic new world, a galaxy inhabited by Glamazons, heroines and heroes. Taking key inspirations from sci-fi cinema, Paris’ distinct seductive allure, British “in your face” punk eccentricity and old Hollywood glamour, this collection also takes an androgynous edge in both the mens and womenswear with Jitrois’s masterful leather minoray taking centre stage. This collection was created for the Glamazon that Jean-Claude Jitrois believes lives inside all of us, living to the mantra that “you are what you wear” for being a Glamazon is a state of mind. 

2. The ethical materials of Maison Ullens – https://eu.maisonullens.com

For fall/winter 2022/2023 collection, the Belgian designer Myriam Ullens got her inspiration from the numerous travels, both literally and figuratively. The knitted pieces are just beautiful, the cashmere and wool come from Inner Mongolia in Central Asia, Australia and New Zealand – the beast quality, obtained in a sustainable and ethical way. Aware of the ecological issues of the world we live in, Maison Ullens is committed to contributing to a better future by becoming an ethical fashion brand. Ethics is not a goal to be reached, but rather a permanent state of mind. The company has chosen to produce in a more measured way: only developing two collections per year of clothes of exceptional quality and timeless style that will last through time. Maison Ullens is actively involved in limiting the exploitation of natural resources.

3. The grammar of fashion in Nehera collection – https://nehera.com/en.

I have discovered Nehera brand some years ago, at a Paris Fashion Week. Since then, the Slovak brand grew a lot and had become a very interesting name to watch. The collection for fall/winter 2022/2023 has two distinctive features that enchanted me: the knitted pieces and the minimalist cuts of the suits and coats with the unusual touch of the colourful scarves around them. Nehera collection is a meditation on seemingly opposite worlds: past and future, vintage and modern, analog and digital, masculine and feminine. It has superb forms, architectural shapes, innovative pattern making, and a selection of unique, exclusive materials. Just take a look! 


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