• Jitrois SS17 fashion collection
  • Jitrois SS17 collection
  • Jitrois SS17 fashion collection
  • Jitrois SS17 fashion collection
  • Jitrois SS17 fashion collection

Jitrois: punk and roses in the SS17 collection

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When I entered the beautiful showroom from Rue Rivoli, in Paris, to see Jitrois SS17 collection, I got the instant feeling that I am in the middle of the designer’s atelier and I might, as well, to step on my tiptoes. (CLICK on the gallery above, for more pictures)

The entrance was arranged as a atelier room, with fabrics, sketches, buttons and pieces of clothes everywhere (and, at one point, even Jean Claude Jitrois came down to sit for a minute at the desk). “I wanted you to see how the creative process really looks like, with all the mess and papers and fabrics…” To emphasise the effect, a room was transformed into a mini-cinema, where all the guest could see the movie with images from atelier and older collections.


And the results of all that mess is just beautiful: for the Spring/Summer 2017 season, Jitrois propose dresses inspired by tattoos, while the underwear is revealed as outerwear, whilst retaining an air of cool and quiet confidence. Inverting tattoos into delicate embroideries of suede, leather, organzas onto tulle, as if it projects onto the skin.


What I could see in “Another world” collection?

  • clothes are shaped to be labelled as second skin.
  • the phoenix appears as a grand monochromatic design embroidered like leather and lace.
  • the Jitrois woman will be wearing the finest suede and leather with a colour palette inspired by floral prettiness.
  • sleeves rolled up, or jackets pulled down, Jitrois women’s style is inspired by the eccentricities of the early eighties english society and the post- punk rebellion wave.
  • large crosses are encased in leather with crystals and leather covered pearls. Clothes come distressed, smocked and covered in metal studs with references to english post-punk.

Photography: (c) courtesy of Jitrois, dreamingof.net


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