The ultimate luxury: the CHANEL at the Ritz

It’s like I am drinking my double espresso, every morning, on the top of the Singapore. Or taking a round the globe journey in a sailing boat. Or as I am riding a 911 Porsche Carrera 4S on the streets of Monte Carlo (well… in fact I did that). You get the point here: to be pampered at CHANEL, at Ritz, in Paris, is like doing all of these. Plus the benefit of a wonderful skin after that.

Chanel Ritz

But let’s get to the facts: the first and only CHANEL “Spa” in the world has opened at Ritz hotel in Paris ( For the first time ever, CHANEL invites women on a timeless journey: an eternal moment of exclusive facial and body treatments featuring unprecedented rituals. Taking inspiration from Coco Chanel’s Rue Cambon apartment (the designer was a resident at the Ritz for 40 years and the bottle of CHANEL 5 is inspired by Ritz architecture) the facility includes 5 treatment rooms, where you can experience 5 (the lucky Coco’s number) exclusive new massage oils named after her iconic perfumes (5, 19, 22). The guests are offered a multi-sensorial experience which is as relaxing for the mind as it is for the body, offering a series of sophisticated treatments. Perfect for a… perfect skin and body, for a relaxed state of mind and an unimaginable luxurious experience. To the Ritz!

Chanel creams

  • 5 alcoves of private, refined care: five cocoons of serenity in the CHANEL signature style. Beige, black, a décor reinterpreting the Coromandel screens that Coco so adored…
  • 5 beauty experts – experienced beauticians, specialised technicians with exceptional “people skills” – accompany guests through this exceptional sensory journey.
  • 5 steps to awaken and fulfil the five senses. A beverage with beneficial virtues; exquisite, reassuring fragrances; the perfectly adapted pressure of an intuitive hand; a musical design and carefully adjusted lighting…
  • 5 massage oils. Jasmine, Rose de may, vanilla, summer citrus, Oriental fragrances… Specially developed by CHANEL cosmetologists and perfumers for our body treatments, these essences bring out the beauty of the skin and open the horizons.


Photography and illustration: courtesy of (c) CHANEL (


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