Tales in the mirror: MONOM & Crina Bulprich 

An architectural piece of jewellery needs a cool outfit to go with. A perfect summer look always requires a spectacular pair of earrings. Therefore, there was no better way to put in the spotlight the two fashion brands from Cluj, MONOM & Crina Bulprich.

Everything has started as a play. “Try the shirt. It will look awesome on you”, Andreea Bogdan, the talented photographer from Cluj said to me, when I was visited, during UAD Fashion Gala, The Accolade Gallery, the place for a mini-studio of four talented designers. I tried the white shirt from Crina Bulprich, I paired it with one of Andreea Bogdan summer clutches from Vilegiatura (stay tuned for the story about them, soon). Then I met, finally, Georgiana Ciceo, the designer behind MONOM jewellery brand (I knew her pieces from Molecule-F store) and I couldn’t resist not to take pictures with all of them. And to find out something about their beginnings, their mood boards and plans for the future.

MONOM –  the designs on https://monom.studio/, Instagram @monom.studio. 
Crina Bulprich – Follow her on Instagram @crina_bulprich.
MONOM & Crina Bulprich designs are available also on www.molecule-f.com
Andreea Bogdan and her brand Vilegiatura – follow her on Instagram @andreea_bogdan & @vilegiatura.


Shirt Crina Bulprich. Bag, Vilegiatura.

Behind the minimalist jewellery brand MONOM is Georgiana Ciceo, architect. And that shows in every piece,  o matter if it is a ring, a necklace or a bracelet.

My journey in the fashion world has started with…  a fashion design course I took in school, where we designed and made the clothes which we were supposed to present later in a fashion show. I studied architecture afterwards and then somehow found my way towards MONOM.

If my accessories would be a classic movie, this would be… “Persona” by Ingmar Bergman. It should not be you versus the jewellery, but a blend in which the two of you come together.

My signature piece is… I have a trio – the subtle LINIA necklace, the geometric PLATTITUDE CIRCLED earrings and the SCULPTURAL leaf earrings.

The most extravagant piece I want to design is… maybe some kinetic – sculptural – jewellery…we’ll see. 🙂



Monom Crina Bulprich

Monom ring earrings

Monom jewellery & Andra Hadaric top


Alina Aliman & Georgiana Ciceo

“A movie, a trip, a book, an emotion – all of them are in the background and give me ideas when I start a new collection”, says the fashion designer CRINA BULPRICH. She graduated from University of Art and Design in Cluj. In the third year of Fashion Design School, Crina was offered a scholarship in Milano as an intern for Lucio Vanotti.

My journey in the fashion world has started with… UAD Fashion Design Gala.

If my clothes (my accessories) would be a classic movie, this would be…”La strada”.

My signature piece is… the trench.

The most extravagant piece I want to design is… a special long dress, minimal and sophisticated.

Crina Bulprich

Monom Crina Bulprich

Crina Bulprich

Crina Bulprich & Alina Aliman

Crina Bulprich & Alina Aliman

Photography: Andreea Bogdan – follow her on Instagram @andreea_bogdan.


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