Follow the line: an interview with the designer Corina Boboc

I think nobody has more more eyes on the clothes and more smiles in the audience that the runway on Corina Boboc collection, Raya, presented at National University of Art Bucharest (UNAB). And I was one of them. And I kept thinking of her clothes some days after. Maybe because I love Janis Joplin (“Mercedes Benz” was the opening piece) or maybe because I could live, forever, in black and white clothes. And some variation of two coloured pieces and different types of stripes couldn’t sound better. Therefore, I talked with Corina about inspiration, backstage moments and future plans. And yes, a new collection is on the list, but also a master in scenography.

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The collection RAYA, HERE. 

The official facebook page CORINA BOBOC. 

Where did the inspiration come for your collection presented at UNAB gala?

I looked for the inspiration on my first ideas and sketches, the ones that I did before I was at Art University. And I have discovered my first sketch book, with 5 images, in black and white, with stripes, inspired by the Op-art trend. Somehow, I think I returned to my roots.

Why this name? Why your models were, in fact, real actresses?

Raya means “stripe” in Spanish. And, in other cultures, is a very common name for a girl. The word has its origins in Hebrew and means “friend”, but it is used by many nations (Arabs, Bulgarian, Englishmen, Russians, Jews). So I chose the word as a symbol for every woman presented in my collection. It is a short, vivid, vibrant word and it has a little bit of mystery in it, a bit of exoticism. I wanted that my collection to be presented by the young actresses because I wanted my presentation to be more like a live performance. I wanted that everybody could see that the clothes are practical, comfortable and nice, but I also wanted that they could reflect every person own individuality.

A funny moment from backstage?

There were some. Right before the gala, all 7 girls met in my apartment and we started to do all the preparation: makeup, hairstyling, fitting. My boyfriend came home, he stared at us about three seconds from the door and he run away for two hours.

Do you remember your first piece?

Yes, just perfectly (I still have it, actually). It was a coloured lace dress, with a turquoise transparent skirt. In my defence, I have to tell you that I was very young….

The piece that will always be in your collections?

I am sure that I will never give up on culottes.

Imagine that you would have unlimited resources. What would you do?

It is a difficult questions. I am a curious person, I want to learn something new every day, therefore I might say something today and another thing tomorrow. One thing I know for sure> it would be a collection made entirely from natural fibres.

What does a young designer need these day to succeed?

Creativity, fortune and some practical skills.

What’s next?

A new collection and a master degree in scenography.

designer Corina Boboc Raya

designer Corina Boboc design details

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You could never go on a trip without… a hat.

Form fall/winter 2016/2017 collection you are keep thinking at … Max Mara ready to wear.

Your all time favourite designer… Mr. Christian Dior is one of them.

Style is… the reflexion of your own personality.

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Corina Boboc & Alina Aliman

Photography: Daniel Păduraru


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