Magical touch: a story about beautiful dresses from Alina Cernătescu collection 

Their showroom is full of light and cozy. And, in a very hot day of Bucharest, surrounded by beautiful dresses and interesting sketches, in the interior of a house with old history and amazing arches, the time stood still for a moment. A moment long enough to admire Alina Cernătescu brand dresses and to talk with Alina and Elena, the sisters behind the brand.

alina cernatescu detail

“In our line, we have evening dresses, long and delicate, elegant enough for a gala or a ball. We also have the cocktail dresses, and the bridal line. But all of them have one signature: handcrafted embroideries”, said Elena Cernătescu, the practical mind of the brand. “I love embroideries, I’ve always wanted to make them, to find the most unusual shapes and fabrics for them”, Alina Cernătescu told me, as we were looking at some models from the fall/winter 2018/2019 collection. “Sometimes I try and I ind out that is pretty hard to accomplish that embroidery that I was dreaming of, as the one in coral shape. Other times, I make a piece and I think is wonderful, but the piece stays on the shelves, unsold, until a moment in time when everybody wants is”, Alina smiles, telling me about the perks of being the designer nowadays.

Alina Cernătescu designs are available on the showroom (34 C.A. Rosetti Street), and in our partner stores: Molecule F (, Moja, Welovecouture, Victoria Gallery and international stockists.

alina cernatescu white collection

Alina Cernătescu brand is about… sensual elegance painted with handcrafted embroideries and fine draping.

Your first love encounter with fashion… was when a found one of my mother`s dress. It was love at first sight.

The biggest challenge for a designer nowadays… is finding time for creative moods. We are living a fast life which sometimes contradicts the creative process.

The best thing happened to fashion in social media era is… the opportunity for emerging designers to succeed and market their collections very quickly. The worst is the speed of communication which generates low quality content.

Your collections will always include… handcrafted embroideries.

alina cernatescu collection

The stages of making a perfect piece are… research, inspiration, fittings, creating handcrafted embroideries and hours of elaborate work.

The impossible collection that you would like to make would look like this: a collection made entirely of handcrafted embroideries combined in various colours to create an embroidered print.

If your clothes could play in a movie, this would be… the James Bond series with every leading actress wearing our designs.

The perfect city for your dresses would be… Florence.

The perfect remedy for an inspiration gap would be… to call my sister and business partner, Elena. She always knows how to calm me down in order to get creative again.

How is life as a creative duo? It is not so much a creative duo, but more a team where we complement each other. We share the same vision for our business whilst I am focusing on the product design and Elena is taking care of the brand & finance.

What’s next for the brand? Every year we add a milestone towards becoming the first haute – couture Romanian brand with international awareness.

alina cernatescu white

alina cernatescu alina aliman

Alina Cernătescu & Alina Aliman

Photography: Cătălina Cosma – follow her on Instagram @cata.cosma 


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