Pshycho the new Kitsch – meet the young designer Smaranda Buc

I didn’t choose the headline. The designer did. Because she had a good idea on what’s going to express through her entire collection. I met Smaranda Buc backstage, before the UAD Gala 2018 and she was kind enough (even nervous about the show) to explain me the main lines of the moodboard of her collection Psycho Kitsch. A little bit of psycho world, a lot of sequins and a good dose of nonchalance. Glow, deconstructed, glitter, digital print, violences, cutting up, kitsch – these were the word to describe the whole moodboard. I tried on the clothes (not my usual piece of cake) and I was instantly transported in a strange movie. Hollywood, here I come!

smaranda buc psycho collection

Smaranda Buc pieces are on… Instagram @smarandabuc and Facebook Smaranda Buc.
About UAD Fashion Design 2018 GALA –

smaranda buc collection sequins

smaranda buc detail skirt

Your journey in the fashion world has started with… the admission at the Art and Design University from Cluj-Napoca.

Your graduation collection is about… the world of psychopath killers and the artistic universe of the director Nicolas Winding Refn, in movies like “Drive” or “The Neon Demon” transported in the world of contemporary fashion design.

The headline (in a newspaper, a magazine) about your collection could be… Psycho the new Kitsch.

The hardest moment as the young designer was, until now… blockage of ideas.

The ultimate fashion icon for you is… Daphne Guinness.

You would like your signature look (piece) to be, in the future… a pyjama made out of sequins.

On your moodboard I can find… Las Vegas, “American Psycho” movie, Piglet by Jeff Koons.

The designer you would like to ask for a coffee and a piece of advice would be… Alessandro Michele.

What is next for you? The next step for me is to create my own brand and preparing the next collection.

smaranda buc collection mirror

smaranda buc gala UAD 2018

smaranda buc collection details

smaranda buc collection back

alina aliman smaranda buc

Alina Aliman & Smaranda Buc

Photography: Paul Țuț (Paul Photograhy) .  Many thanks to UAD GALA, Lucian Broscățean.

Many thanks to hotel Platinia,


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